DENVER (CBS4) – This year’s SIA Snow Show ended Sunday, but it’s just the beginning for a trio of young entrepreneurs. They’ve turned their dreams of a teenage clothing line into reality.

The SIA Snow Show was packed with all different types of vendors — from major companies to ones started in Colorado.

“We’re not the biggest booth around, but I think we have just as much right to be here as anybody else,” Firehouse co-owner Ian Torres-Winters said.

Firehouse is a skiing and snowboarding apparel company based in Colorado. Now at just 24 years old, the young entrepreneurs’ company is competing with the big brands.

“It’s a little intimidating, but at the same time it’s exciting and just fuels that drive even more,” Firehouse co-owner Tim Bremer said.

Firehouse started with crocheted beanies and 4 years later they’ve added jerseys and jackets to their product line and they’re not stopping there.

“In the future, you know, in our minds the sky’s the limit,” Bremer said. “We want to make more outerwear, make it more technical, move in to jeans, pants, stuff like that.”

“Our ultimate goal is to be successful and our success is seeing people wearing our stuff,” Torres-Winters said.

The young owners are businessmen and one day hope to make Firehouse their full-time job. They started out crocheting hats themselves and now have a team of people underneath them to help make the items. They encourage other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

“If you want it to happen you’re going to make it to happen,” Bremer said.

Firehouse is sold at stores in the Denver area and online. They hope the Snow Show will give them more exposure.


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