DENVER (CBS4) – World leaders met in Switzerland to talk about improving economic development and Gov. John Hickenlooper is there.

The governor says he’s accomplished more in one day on his economic trip to Switzerland than he could in weeks in Colorado.

Leaders are talking about education, financial development and global competition.

On the CBS4 Morning News Hickenlooper talked about why his trip is so important to the state.

“We’re continuing to meet pretty much every day; filled with meetings with CEOs or senior executives from companies that have some operations in Colorado and companies that might want to begin starting operations,” Hickenlooper said.

Listen to the whole interview in the video clip below:

Hickenlooper says he paid for the trip himself.

  1. Michelle Maksimowicz says:

    Too bad we don’t value Learning enough to send youon our dime. Thank you for fundig your trip to help grow our economy..

    I am pleased with the job you are doing but just a reminder not to forget us in El Paso County!
    LtGov Joe Garcia is a special friend and former boss at PPCC. I was so excited when you put him on the ticket. Two good guys working together in politics! What a novel idea!!
    Thanks for all of your efforts
    Michelle Maksimowicz

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