DENVER (CBS4) – Police arrested more than a dozen prostitutes in an overnight sting operation, including a man with AIDS.

Police took Darren Garcia, 31, into custody Wednesday night.

Garcia has been arrested before in Denver, including two times on charges of prostitution with knowledge of AIDS.

Police conducted the prostitution bust on East Colfax between Yosemite and Tamarac.

Click on the image below to see a photo gallery of all the people arrested during the sting. (all images courtesy of Denver Police)

arrests Prostitution Sting Nets Man Who Knows He Has AIDS

Comments (3)
  1. denvervet says:

    OMG, these are some BUTT UGLY women……..maybe thay should think about another profession…..ew. As for the guy with AIDS, they need to lock him up so he can’t keep doing this. Assault with a DEADLY WEAPON?

  2. Lou Ann W says:

    Isn’t that attempted murder when you are told to stop and intentionally have sex with people that you c potentially infect with a death sentence?

  3. Stacy says:

    Were any johns arrested?

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