BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Prosecutors have begun their arguments in the first degree murder trial against a Longmont man.

Kevin McGregor is accused of killing a man who was walking a University of Colorado student home in March 2011.

Prosecutors described McGregor as a “street thug wannabe” who shot and killed Todd Walker when he tried to defend a female friend in Boulder in the University Hill neighborhood.

A defense attorney said on Thursday that McGregor didn’t mean to shoot Walker and that the gun went off during a struggle.

The .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun was allegedly found in the ceiling of a sandwich shop where McGregor worked. A photo of it was displayed in Boulder County Court during the trial on Thursday.

McGregor was on probation at the time of the shooting. The Boulder District Attorney’s Office said last year that terms of the probation prohibited him from having a weapon.

In preliminary hearings last year prosecutors claimed McGregor ordered tacos just minutes after the shooting.

todd walker Prosecutors: McGregor Behaved Like A Street Thug Wannabe

Todd Walker (credit: CBS)

Walker played football at the University of New Hampshire and grew up in Eagle County. He graduated from a high school in Edwards.

Comments (3)
  1. Mom52 says:

    Where did the murderer get the gun? He was a convicted felon. He couldn’t get one through normal channel. Who provided the gun? They are culpable too.

  2. john says:

    Are you serious?
    Where did he get the gun?
    Do you have any idea whatsoever how many guns are in this world?
    Anybody with a third grade education can make one,
    A better question is why would anyone shoot somebody in the first place?
    There is apparently a reason since it is as common as the rain.
    I just don’t understand why?
    I get mad at a lot of people but shooting them never crosses my mind.
    Apparently some people just get out of control.
    Don’t ever think that obtaining a gun is difficult, anybody that wants one can get it.

  3. denvervet says:

    ……….and he looks like such a nice young man! NOT. Why shouldn’t he be a thug wannabe? They are emulated by our youth, they are on TV all the time and thought of as “cool”. I think this may be the first time in history where thugs are emulated and immitated……….sick!

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