wine rack vdp Best Options For Organizing A Wine Collection In Denver

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Not everyone has the room, funds or a large enough wine collection for a cellar, but that doesn’t mean setting the wine bottles on a kitchen counter or in the pantry is the only alternative. There are some really great wine storage options in Denver for every space, style, and budget. There are so many different ways in which wine can be stored, such as a wine rack, armoire, or cabinet. No matter what kind of space you have to work with, there is a solution that will make the most out of your square footage, add an eye-pleasing place for your wine bottles and incorporate style into your home. Take a look at a few places in Denver that have several options for even the most novice wine drinker.

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Mile High Wine and Spirits carries Curvy Wine Cubes, which are designed by Wine Cellar. The cubes are available in many different wood types and stains including redwood in dark walnut, black, and unstained and pine in mahogany. This fun and economical wine rack collection can be stacked or easily hung on the wall to make the most out of a small space. There are even Curvy Wine Cube accessories available to accent the storage units, including a two-bottle display tray, wall mount kit, and tabletop for those looking to stack the cubes on the floor and use the top as a serving bar.

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Wine Master Cellars carries many wine storage solutions from Vintage View Wine Storage System, including wall mounted racks in 11 different styles and sizes, freestanding display racks, and floor-to-ceiling wine racks. Wine Master Cellars will even build a custom storage system to fit its customers’ personal needs. Choose from custom colors and fabrics or view the commercial photo gallery or request a printed catalog to get an idea of what look works best for your home and square footage needs.

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Beautiful wine armoires and cabinets can be found at Woodley’s Furniture, Colorado’s leading hardwood furniture manufacturer. Woodley’s offers a wide array of wine cabinets in any type of wood imaginable. A great selection for narrow spaces is the Potters Creek Wine Cabinet by Howard Miller. This cabinet allows you to store up to 21 bottles and even provides a rack in which to hang stemware in spaces less than two feet wide. Those with a little extra space for a wine bar might consider the Niagra Bar, a rustic and elegant looking piece with Italian marble top, and insulated bins in a cherry finish.

Casa Nova Galleries specializes in handmade and imported home furnishings from jewelry and African art to wall décor and furniture. Here you’ll find some beautiful wine storage solutions including single wine bottle holders and freestanding, wall mounted and tabletop wine racks. The best thing about Casa Nova’s storage options is that you won’t find these pieces anywhere else. Each rack is designed by an artist as a special, one-of-kind piece. The gallery is also happy to help with customized designs and remodels.

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The Vineyard Wine Shop has been a Denver staple since 1971. The store is a one-stop-shop for all wine-related needs with everything from wine baskets and personalized wine labels to a wide variety of wine racks that range from fun and unique to practical and traditional styles. Members can even join the wine of the month club which offers an exclusive deal of a new wine each month for a year. The wine is available for pickup or delivery for those living in Denver, Boulder, or the surrounding suburbs.

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