DENVER (CBS4) – Theater lovers are very excited because the “Book of Mormon” is opening its national tour in Denver in August.

Some people camped out at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts box office overnight in hopes of buying tickets.

The tickets are so hot they’re already being sold for hundreds of dollars above face value. After 4 hours, 25,000 single tickets that went on sale Sunday were sold.

“We have not ever sold a show out this quickly, so that was very exciting,” said Jeff Hovorka, Denver Center for Performing Arts Marketing Director.

There was a long line up to the ticket counter. Some tried to buy tickets over the phone at they stood on line. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts says if people hung up due to heavy call volume, that was a mistake.

Others tried to buy tickets through a computer sale but were frustrated by the heavy volume of ticket buyers. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts denied their computer system crashed but said the huge volume of users bogged it down.

“We logged on to try and get a couple of tickets for the ‘Book of Mormon.’ We were on the server and through the payment screen and then it locked up and threw us out and we couldn’t get back on the server; kept getting server busy,” Ron Fernandez from Denver said. “(It) doesn’t surprise me. It disappoints me.”

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts called the sale unprecedented. They’re also saying buyer beware because second party vendors may try to sell fake tickets.

“I’ve already heard there were a couple of tickets on eBay, a couple of mezzanine tickets I believe selling for over $2,000,” Hovorka said.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is so concerned about ticket scalping they did not allow people to print their own tickets at home. They also limited ticket sales to six, based on the buyer’s name, credit card number and billing address.

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  1. Pamela Prescott says:

    The Denver Center shouldn’t be ecstatic; they should be ashamed!! I, too, was on their website after trying for hours, was through to the payment screen, and their site froze. It would not let me navigate anywhere. On the phone today, an DCP specialist confirmed that their site crashed several times. To add insult to injury, there are thousands of tickets for sale today on Stubhub and other sites for 800 to 1000 times their face value.

  2. Lee Ann Horneck says:

    I also tried for 3 hours online. I got a session at one point but got kicked off as I was selecting seats. I also tried the phone for as long, but it would either ring busy or tell me the “wireless customer was unavailable” If the system didn’t crash, then why did it become available so suddenly once everything was gone? I think there is something going on out there with those resellers. How do they now have so many tickets? For a show like this tickets should be limited to 2. It was also unclear if we could buy the wheelchair seats at that time. It turns out we could have. All I know is some opportunists are going to make a lot of money and I won’t get to see it.

  3. Judy M. says:

    I’m also one of the people who had trouble buying tickets online and over the phone. The DCPA should have anticipated this amount of interest for such a popular show. Its unacceptable that their system can “crash”. If they didn’t have a systems set in place to handle the demand, then the DCPA simply shouldn’t have been the ticket seller… period! I’m still looking for my seats and I see tickets on sites like and have seats now for resale. BUT, will prices go down? If so.. when?

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