Colorado Lawmakers Differ On Attending State Of The Union Address

DENVER (CBS4) – President Obama will deliver his State of the Union speech Tuesday night. While one U.S. senator from Colorado is calling for the two parties to sit together, one of the state’s congressmen says he won’t even show up.

The speech will build on a theme the president has settled on over the last month — class struggle. He will lay out what he calls a blueprint for an economy that’s built to last, and in the process, make a case for why he deserves a second term.

In a video address to campaign supporters, Obama said the focus of his State of the Union will be economic inequality and a fair shake for everyone.

He’ll hit on manufacturing, specifically insourcing, by bringing jobs back from overseas. He’ll hit on alternative sources of energy and energy independence. Also he’ll hit on education — preparing students for the jobs of the future; and middle class values — hard work and responsibility.

Unlike last year the address isn’t just his vision for 2012, but his platform for re-election.

In a taste of what’s to come this election year, Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn from Colorado Springs says he’ll sit it out.

“I’m just skeptical that since he’s now reverted into campaign mode that he’s bashing his political opponents,” Lamborn told CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd. “He’s not really offering constructive ideas, and so enough is enough.”

Democratic Sen. Mark Udall is urging everyone to sit together.

“Look, just because last year was a tough political year, and it was, it doesn’t mean we don’t keep trying,” Udall said. “We’re part of a big family, the American family. The State of the Union is a serious evening. We should treat the speech seriously.”

It’s a speech that may be the most important of Obama’s presidency. He’s running with a weak economy, low approval ratings, and a mixed record on job creation. Still, he’s more popular than Congress, and if he doesn’t highlight its hyper-partisanship Tuesday night, Lamborn’s decision to boycott his speech may do it for him.

“He may or may not pay any attention. I’m doing it more for my piece of mind,” Lamborn said. “I just can’t lend my support to his failed policies.”

Lamborn says he will watch the speech on TV.

Two Coloradans will see it in person. As she did last year, First Lady Michelle Obama will invite about a dozen people to sit with her, and this year two of them are from the Denver area.

Watch the president’s State of the Union speech and the Republican response Tuesday at 7 p.m. on CBS4 and on

  • jess perry

    typical arrogant congressman, no wonder congress has such a low approval rating and doesn’t do anything!!!

  • doug

    It is mandated in the constitution that the President deliver a speech to congress. Unfortunately the founding fathers didn’t envision that the congress would be so petulant that attendance would be required. Worse than college freshmen.

    • sensiblethoughts4u

      If you ask me, Lamborn doesn’t deserve to attend the speech because he’s probably one of the main obstructors of progress like that serial offender of paying his child support Joe Walsh.

  • John

    ha! Rep. Doug Lamborn’s only job is to be washington and represent the people of Colorado and he can’t even do that! I could care less if you don’t like the guy but you are being paid by my tax dollars to be there! SO BE THERE!

  • Michael Brennan

    Lamborn, your “tar baby” comment shows you as the racist you are.
    Just out of respect for the office you should be there.

    you are a coward and I wish all you narrow minded,racist cowards would leave this country…take your damn guns with you and leave.

    Once you and all those with narrow minds are gone we can truly call America the “Home of the Brave!!!”

    • Jack Johnson

      I agree with the above comment.
      Lamborn should leave his office and this country.
      We would be much better off without him.

      • Big Daddy

        Who cares what Lamborn has to say, since he was not at the State of the Union he should not be able to give his take on what the President was talking about. Why would CBS4 even care, if he went he should speak, since he did not go, who cares what he has to say.

  • Kenneth Hurst

    Rep. Lamborn needs to be voted out. He is wasting taxpayers money and time.
    In fact, his inaction is setting Obama up for reelection. Got to be a teabagger, they’ve created a great deal of mess in congress.

  • Steve

    I think attendance is part of his job. Is he going to return a day’s pay to the U.S. Treasury?

  • ModerateSun

    I hope the people that are organizing on both sides see this. Especially those that will not attend the State of the Union. If you can not sit your rear end down and at the very least (ignore if you wish) respect this event then you will not get my vote. Period. How would any of us who make a living by working be treated if we simple said… meh he is not important I am going to ignore work altogether today and watch it on tv. Get real! A government by the people for the people.

  • sensiblethoughts4u

    There is nothing wrong with Rev. Wright! Other white “ministers” have said worse, and I haven’t heard your objection. Most of the complaints against President Obama are nothing but REPUBLICANT LIES TO DISTORT HIS RECORD AND TO FOOL THEIR IGNORANT SUPPORTERS! THE TRUTH WILL WIN OUT!

  • Jason A. Trommetter

    How about we call Obama’s theme what it really is. It’s “class warfare” or “class envy.” The kind of theme you would expect to hear from a Marxist, so it’s really no surprise.

  • elSurfeador

    Unfortunately this will spur additional disrespectful behavior. Each year, more and more politicians will “refuse” to attend calling it a protest against policies. Within ten years, the party not in power won’t attend at all, disgraceful.

  • Dee

    What makes this congressmen better than all the rest of the congressmen that had to be there? I am ashamed congressmen. As you should be! i watched and my state was not represented tonight. Anyone that agrees with you not attending is un american

  • get rid of lamborn

    Lamborn needs to be replaced- he cant be bothered to do his job.

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