Written by Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Attorney General’s Office will take over the prosecution of former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan. The move came after the Arapahoe County District Attorney asked that it be removed from the case “because Patrick Sullivan is the former sheriff of Arapahoe County.”

The 18th Judicial District, overseen by District Attorney Carol Chambers, made the request to Governor John Hickenlooper’s office in a letter Jan. 9. They only cited the 68-year-old former sheriff’s former job as their reason for wanting to step aside. Hickenlooper agreed to name the Attorney General as the special prosecutor in the case.

Sullivan is facing multiple charges after he was arrested last year allegedly trying to trade methamphetamine for sex with a male acquaintance.

On Jan. 19, the Chief Judge in Arapahoe County granted the District Attorney’s request to withdraw from the case.

Sullivan is free on bond and is due back in court Jan. 31 for a preliminary hearing.

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Comments (4)
  1. denvervet says:

    This is better than a movie script and I am sure it will be a movie some day. Its SICKNING. Having been in law enforcement in a military setting I was lucky not to have met crooked cops like this guy. I would have turned his a** in so fast he wouldn’t have known what happened. There is one word that should be sonomous with people in law enforcement INTEGRITY, otherwise there is low moral and chaos. There should be a 5 year period with new cops where they can be let go without question, some people just should not be cops, easy as that. I don’t know how some of these people graduate the academy. Maybe that’s the problem? Now that I have ripped apart bad cops, there are of course many many good ones out there that risk their lives daily for us, work through many holidays and really give it 110%, thank God for them.

  2. John says:

    Oh I completely agree it’s too bad 99% of these cops are making the rest look bad.(pun Intended)
    I lost every ounce of respect I ever had for these guys a long time ago.
    They have gotten way too big for their britches so to speak.
    They think the world revolves around them.
    They have an us against the world mentality.
    They are usually not useful for anything

  3. denvervet says:

    So John, when you come home some day and your house has been robbed and trashed, your dog and cat killed, everything stolen, you’re going to depend on your friends to process the crime scene and investigate? Idiot.

  4. Charles says:

    if convicted, will they rename the Arapahoe County Detention Facility?

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