LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– The woman who told authorities she was sexually assaulted by a man who was pretending to be a police officer has been arrested.

Heather Speicher of Fort Collins is facing charges for attempting to influence a public official. Speicher, 27, remains in custody at the Larimer County Jail on a $2,500 bond.

Speicher reported to deputies that at about 10 p.m. on Jan. 5 she was stopped by a man portraying himself as a police officer and that she was assaulted. She claimed it happened at West 32nd Street and Glade Road near Loveland. The woman was not physically injured and did not go to the hospital.

Speicher said the man never showed a badge or a gun, but the victim told investigators he clearly portrayed himself as an officer.

Six investigators and two lab personnel were assigned to the case and reviewed about 40 tips that were generated by the public. Speicher also helped officers develop a composite sketch of the fictitious suspect.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said it is important to fully investigate an allegation of sexual assault but that false reports redirect very limited resources that are needed for other important investigations.

However, drivers are reminded to be cautious when stopped by an unmarked or uneasily identified vehicle. They are encouraged to turn on their flashers and drive to a well-lit populated area and/or call 911 to verify the identity and location of officers. Drivers are encouraged to stay in their vehicle until an additional officer in a marked vehicle arrives. Law enforcement vehicles are typically later models with significant emergency light systems.


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