DENVER (CBS4) – It turns out the season really is over for Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow after he declined an invitation to appear on CBS’s NFL Today this Sunday.

CBS had asked Tebow to sit down for NFL Today with Shannon Sharpe and the rest of the gang before the AFC Championship game.

USA Today’s Michael Hiestand first tweeted the decision by Tebow on Tuesday.

“Tim Tebow has decided not to appear,” CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus said, according to USA Today. “[CBS]is perfectly fine with the (on-air) lineup we have.”

It’s easy to see why the network, which owns CBS4, wanted to keep Tebow on. The last two Broncos games have had huge ratings around the nation.

Tebow and the Broncos suffered a tough 45-10 loss in Foxboro on Saturday night against the Patriots in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs after defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in their AFC Wild Card matchup.

Comments (91)
  1. Deidra says:

    Good for Tim! I don’t think he should appear on CBS since they made fun of him praying when he won the Steelers game in OT. He shouldn’t lower himself to appear with the idiots on that show.

    1. kat says:

      I agree with you. I thought they were just looking to garner ratings
      and would somehow mock him during the show and
      then afterwards there would be the snide comments.
      Great that he declined.

    2. Brad says:

      This was an ambush anybody with a mind could see coming a mile away. Smart move Tebow. Keep driving the lefties and atheists insane!

      1. brk says:

        I’m a leftie atheist that loves Tim Tebow, you could learn a thing or two from him..

      2. Brad says:

        Lol brk. You have a small point but you know you are in a VERY small minority within that demographic that loves Tebow.

      3. Matt says:

        Those who refuse to know God have no idea what love really is.

      4. Hap says:

        @Matt: would that be the same god that condemns someone to eternal Hell for the simple crime of not loving him or his son?

        Yeah…that seems like true love.

        I stick to knowing and experiencing the true love that is my children, my family and friends.

    3. Kirk says:

      This weekend should be about the Pats, Ravens, Giants and 49ers. I hope one reason Tebow made the decision not to appear on the network is to avoid taking away from the Final 4 teams.I think Tim understands that his appearance would make this weekend about him, and stir the same kind of craziness we experienced much of the season. Besides, there’s enough Tebow jealousy among NFL players. This would only make it worse. Smart move young man. Stay classy. Looking forward to seeing you on the field next year.

    4. L.R. Mack says:

      Yea and amen! Their sole purpose at CBS was to try to turn Tebow into a circus act. Glad he had the widsom to tell these knuckleheads he wasn’t interested!

  2. J.C. says:

    He’s learning!! Why bother courting the MSM when all they want are the ratings Tebow would bring.

  3. Robert Walker says:

    Smart and dignified man, and a real class act. Sincere best of luck all around Mr. Tebow!

  4. Terry Moon says:

    good call, he shouldn’t share the stage with people that absolutely hate his guts

    1. Billiam Hillary says:

      He shouldn’t share the stage with people who can actually play football either. The first time they asked him to explain about reading a pass defense he would be exposed. He cannot do it.

      1. dave says:

        he won 2 national titles at florida took a 1-4 team to the second round of the playoffs where he met Tom brady, all without being able to train with elway in the offseason due to the strike. You Fail

      2. Pchelli says:

        What NFL team did you play for Billiam Hillary? How can you say things like that when he came out of college football as the Heisman trophy winner and many more acknowledgements than you will ever see? A gifted young man who will be a great addition to any NFL team.

      3. teaj says:

        you mean like the steelers defense?

      4. WWH says:

        You are just a jealous fool!!!!!

      5. GABlueStarMom says:

        Haaaa, from a couch potato who has probably never played anything more than flag football or a pickup game with friends, lol!!!!!!!!

      6. Dave Veilleux says:

        Just maybe the offensive line had an awful day. I do not think Johnny Unitas could of won that game for Denver. Let’s give him time and see what happens. I believe his is smart and will learn. He can run, but will he be able to throw week in and week out at this level.

      7. Bill says:

        Picture the 2 pockets in the Pats/Broncos games last Saturday. The Bronco one was colapsing all game long and the Pats one for holding up the whole time. Now picture switching the quarterbacks. You cannot tell me that Brady would have done as well and Tebow would have done as poorly. Only haters like Billiam Hillary can make a brainless comment like that

  5. Jon says:

    Good for Tebow these people have trashed you and mocked you for months why help them boast their ratings.

  6. Brian says:

    Good move. I believe he is a little embarrassed by all the attention. He, more than anyone, understands the need for vast improvement throughout the off-season, if he wants to have a successful NFL career. He’s humble with a good head on his shoulders. I would not ever bet against this kid!

    1. JDW says:

      Yup! I agree. Many people are hating on Tebow because of the “Tebow hype” the media is presenting and not for anything the kid himself has done. I love the kid and wish for nothing but the best for him, inside or outside of football.

  7. Tim says:

    They want him on there to make fun of him…good for him to turn it down. He is a real role model.

  8. Vivian says:

    Good call. CBS contains nothing but liberal/progressive propaganda to the detriment of this great nation. I congratulate him keeping his distance from any sector of this conglomerate.

    1. LE says:

      Yes, because James Brown, Bill Cowher, Boomer Esiason and lead play by play guy Jim Nantz (close friend and golf partner of both Presidents Bush) all answer to the same people as Scott Pelley, Morely Safer and Mike Wallace. Brilliant analysis.

  9. glenp says:

    why should these TEBOW HATERS make a profit off him and set him up for extreeme criticism and mockery.

    Good move TEBOW!!! don’t let em sucker punch you

  10. glenp says:

    isn’t CBS the same group of cokesmokers that let DAN RATHER run wild??

  11. Adam Smith says:

    Excellent move. These people have nothing but contempt for him. Better for him to concentrate in the off-season on his short and intermediate passing game, on the playbook, on improving as a QB so he can come back next year and move to the next level. He already has the leadership piece, the ability to see and read the field, the long ball accuracy. The remaining pieces he needs to acquire are technical and learnable with practice (as Drew Brees, a QB whose practice has produced unerring accuracy as has shown).

  12. Unbelievable says:

    I knew he would make the right decision. Once again proves he’s not after fame… he just want to play the game he loves and to help other who are less fortunate. Way To Go Timmy!!

  13. todd neal says:

    Good!!! Werent these the same guys who mocked him after the steelers game? Great call Mr. Tebow, class act and fine human being. But since he dosent rap about being a “gangsta” or demeaning women he is ridiculed. Shows how the values in this country are completely backwards.

  14. sailordude says:

    Good move I guess. I got to HATE Patton manning because he was on so many commercials. Over exposure is not a good thing. Plus he would have probably been taunted by Marino and Sharpe.

    1. Billiam Hillary says:

      You probably hate him because you don’y know how to spell PEYTON.

    2. tayler says:

      I don’t consider commercials the same…I liked Peyton’s commercials, then again Manning is my favorite quarterback. I can guarantee we’ll be seeing Tebow in a commercial.

  15. tiredturtle says:

    Bravo for Tim. He has better things to do than get involved with these commentating clowns. Particularly after they have constantly denigrated him over this past year. I have yet to see a collective IQ over 13 for the group, when any of these “sports” commentator teams is assembled and takes the stage. Play the game—at the end the final scored says it all and all the bloviating is meaningless.

  16. phnx says:

    Congratulations to Tim on a excellent decision to graciously decline to be used by these haters.

  17. Pat says:

    God bless, Tebow. Good decision! Looking forward to great things from you next season.

  18. Jake says:

    Thank god. Who would want to hear his opinion on the game anyway. What the hell would he bring to the table, the man barely has a season under a belt.

    1. Chris says:

      He knows more about football than you do. And is obviously way more gracious.

  19. countrycuz says:

    Yeah… I would of liked to have seen those CBS Christ-bashers poke fun at a muslim praying the way they mocked Tebow. Their network stinks anyways…..The only thing keeping htem going is NFL football and the coverage outside of Simms is lousy.

  20. scottinva says:

    VERY smart move by Tebow. I wouldn’t give the “media” the time of day either. There’s nothing to be gained by it. Besides, he’s probably busy spending time with his family or in an off-season ministry of some kind. I highly doubt he’s the type to sit around waiting for a phone call from networks.

  21. Oldgreyfox says:

    Smart move, young man. God bless you, your family and your future.

  22. AnswerMam says:

    God Bless Tim Tebow.

  23. FPoppe says:

    Tim has better things to do. He’s going fishing. Matt 4:19.

  24. Calliope says:

    Good for Tim! The MSM ridicules him, then tries to garner big ratings on his back.

    Tim is a smart man.

  25. DDD says:

    read every one of the comments above and pleasantly surprised to NOT see a single dissenting vote. Mr. Tebow shows the MSM what being a MAN is all about.

  26. John Smith says:

    CBS, karma sucks huh! Belittle Tim for his display of faith now praying that he will grace your little sportcast with his presence……….God answers prayer CBS, Tim I guess is human afterall…….he isn’t prone to rewarding bad behavior.

  27. Laura says:

    Great decision Tim.

    All season the media said negative things about him,and now they just want to use his popularity for their own gain.

    We supported him since draft day and still do. GO BRONCOS!!

  28. mrbill 59 says:

    Those cbs guys suck so bad I cant even watch them.
    I’m glad Tebow told them to pound sand
    that is all

  29. Richard Day says:

    Those guys on that show would not treat regular folks like you and I with one ounce of decency. I know Tebow hates that he keeps getting brought up every time he turns the tv on. But, he is genuine, not callous, and only wants to get better at playing the sport he loves. He has not brought this on hisself. The networks build him up only to tear him down with the idiots who are saying he is geting to much publicity..Good Luck my friend! You are what the sport needs.

  30. Burt says:

    he does not want to be associated with godless leftist imbeciles

  31. Chief Arrowhead says:

    As of today, there is no question whether Mr. Tebow needs CBS more than they need him.

    It’s vice versa…

  32. Hojo says:

    Why would anybody other than a liberal democrat want to appear on CBS? Does anybody still watch that? I don’t even know what channel it is on or what shows are on that channel. The only thing left on TV anyways is Breaking Bad and Mythbusters.

    1. Fred says:

      …and even Mythbusters is in danger of breaking left, after some of the sycophantic comments they have made about Obama….

      1. teaj says:

        they’ve always been leftist. Teaching kids that science is important is the basis for their ridiculous waste of energy. Which is like the mantra of the left.

  33. bulldog90 says:

    Good for Tim. CBS just wants to use his popularity to help boost their failing ratings. Tim will never become a celebrity just to please people and their greedy goals. He is comfortable and happy to continue his missionary work with his family and prepare for next year as a professional football player. I’m sure he prayed about this offer and listened to what God urged him to do. Say no. You’re one in a million, Tim. Don’t ever change.

  34. David Walker says:

    Your book is a great read, it inspired me.

  35. noel says:

    Good decision Tim….the Lame Stream Media will only pull you away from God…..

    God Bless You, Tim!

  36. pompey says:

    …….Denver’s defense didn’t lay a glove on Brady the entire game, yet this was Tebow’s loss….Tim, understand this, you have no friends in the media and never will……I think you already that !

  37. djlite says:

    i wonder what bill maher’s doing? oh that’s right….no one cares. what a bigot.

  38. Youngblood85 says:

    Good call Team Tebow! Don’t play the bloodsucking yankee slicker’s game…..

  39. j14401s says:

    You’re a lot smarter than the average Bronco Tebow. Smells funny CBS would want you doesn’t it.

  40. MG says:

    More proof that Tebow is a good man. He didn’t sell out and he knows when he’s being used. Thank you Tebow.

  41. Cogs says:

    First the khazars want to tear you down because they can’t stand the “goy”…but they couldn’t succeed, now they want to make money off him..typical parasites.

  42. Beenaroundyaknow says:

    Good for Tim and for good sense. He doesn’t need to sell out to advertising and ratings.

  43. Billiam Hillary says:

    He needs to spend his off time learning how to read a defense and throw a pass correctly instead of appearing on a TV show.

  44. afanfromcanuckistan says:

    CBS and Tebow?
    Pfft, obviously Tebow has more class than they …

    Way to go Tebow!

  45. Paolo says:

    Smart guy that Tebow, CBS sucks!

  46. Sparky2 says:

    Outstanding move by Tebow. CBS, as the other mainstream NY media, are heavily staffed with non-christians and liberals who find christianity repugnant. This would have been a setup by CBS to find ways to discredit him. Well done Tim.

  47. Mzinwv says:

    Why walk into the lion’s den to test your faith? Mr. Tebow is no dummy… Thank God people can still make informed and insightful decisions.

    God Bless

  48. ThunderclapNewman says:

    CBS? Are they actually serious? Is that the network where you have to adjust the rabbit ears to even get it? They enjoyed 40 years of propaganda with the other two, and they still don’t realize that people are able to discern for themselves on the other couple hundred channels.

  49. JokerWatcher says:

    Wise call.
    Parasite CBS is after viewership they themselves can no longer generate due to their leftist leanings. As their ratings continue to slip they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the reasons; fool lemmings that they are. They NEED you Tebow, but no one, least of all you, needs them. Best let them continue their steady demise with no spikes up…

  50. Squeek Eron says:

    I’m liking Tebow more and more. He avoided a big leftoid trap by telling See B.S. to go pound sand.

  51. John Holland says:

    There is a God!

  52. Teetotaler says:

    CBS: “No Jesus talk, OK?”

    Tebow: “No Tim!”

  53. Chairman of the Bored says:

    Luv ya Tim…,…those ignorant football jocks on CBS were lining you up, had you in their sites and you ‘wak-a-moled’ them…..ha ha ha. CBS is sinking faster than an Italian tour ship…..

    1. ThatsRight says:

      Your comment may be mildly amusing if PEOPLE HADN’T DIED. Jerk.

      1. rjm2238 says:

        In reply to Thatsright:
        Toughen up for Gods sake. You have never heard humorous statements based on the Titanic?, the Hindenburg? and many others? Does the saying ‘a screen door on a submarine’ smack of disrespect for members of the crew of the Kursk, because people died? Does that insult you? If it does, Wow, what could I say?
        Get over yourself and leave the rest of us normal people alone, will ya?
        Rich in New Mexico.
        PS: Enough of the name calling too, that’s gets us nowhere.

  54. Perry says:

    What a wimp.

    Anyways, I am glad he is not going on CBS. The nation has heard enough from Tebow. WE NEED A BREAK because next year will be much worse.

    Patriots exposed the broncos. They shouldn’t have even been in the playoffs except every other AFC West team stinks.

  55. Ken Puck says:

    Communist Broadcasting System eats it. The only time I ever watch it is when there’s an NFL game I can’t miss. The rest of their blather wafts up into the ozone layer, unheard.

  56. Rick says:

    I wouldn’t breathe the same air as those PAGANS on CBS either. GO GATORS!!!

  57. Donald Welch says:

    maybe they can get suh. he more fits the world view of that group of feminists anyway.

  58. Chris says:

    Now if they would just disinvite Shannon Sharpe and give more time to Charley Casserly.

  59. hps says:

    I don’t watch football UNLESS the Bears are in the playoffs.. I DO WATCH TEBOW.. GLAD he said NO ..

  60. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Great decision Tim, congratulations on that and a fine rookie season. CBS is not your friend.

  61. rjm2238 says:

    I’m developing more respect for this young man every day. A wise decision Mr. Tebow, these folks seek only an opportunity to degrade you and your views.
    You demonstrate a wisdom beyond your years.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  62. Marie says:

    Why should Tim Tebow grace the stage of a guy who said “The Broncos should bail on the $10M Tebow project.” Yes, Shannon Sharpe, you’re the big man to take on a 24 year old rookie. I guess your “Mike Wallace” clothes won’t serve you very well when you and the rest of the CBS Sports commentators don’t get your prized interview because you all sound like a bunch of jealous old hens…

  63. Diane Robinson says:

    LOVE these comments!…Tebow is great! and CBS football commentators are BORING!

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