DENVER (CBS4) – Xcel Energy is warning customers of a phone scam targeting senior citizens in Colorado.

The scam threatens to turn off power if the person doesn’t pay up.

A phony customer service agent is calling Xcel customers saying their monthly electricity payment has been received but the check was not signed. They ask for a credit card to pay the bill. Xcel says don’t do it because it’s a bogus call.

“If they have any problems, hang up that phone and then call our customer care number and they can verify that that was who was calling them,” Michelle Aguayo with Xcel said.

Xcel says the scammers targeted customers in Minnesota last year.

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  1. Elizabeth Blackwell says:

    Unfortunately, there are still tons of similar telephone scams out there… There is an iPhone app recently released, called Scam Detector, which exposes over 500 of the most notorious scams. It is worth checking it out, if you have an iPhone. The app is also online, if interested: Kinda cool, actually

  2. Michael Dwells says:

    I remember getting a call like that weeks ago from a man named Harris. Told me I was delayed in paying my electric bills and that they’re about to cut off my service. I knew this man was lying right away because I just paid for it. But anyway, I let the man continue and he asked me to pay through a green dot card. Which made me all the more amused. I admired the man’s perseverance, though I’m sure he knew I was suspicious of him. The man kept talking and I continued agreeing.

    But I guess, he realized there’s no way he’d get what he wanted from me and he hung up .

    1. Michael Dwells says:

      And by the way, 805-367-4404 was the man’s phone number. I didn’t have to look further because when I looked it up online, I found several complaints made against it. Here’s one site Looks like the scam artists is a very hardworking man.

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