LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – A man in Littleton thought someone was trying to break in, so he grabbed a knife and stabbed the person. Instead, he actually stabbed a relative who later died from his injuries.

The stabbing happened at a retirement community on South Santa Fe Boulevard.

The property managers of the Wolhurst Retirement Community said the stabbing happened at a home where an elderly woman named Judy Jones typically lives. Police confirmed an elderly woman was one of three family members home. She apparently had two male family members staying with her.

Police said one of the men thought an intruder was trying to get into the house but mistakenly stabbed the other male family member multiple times. He later died.

The Wolhurst Retirement Community said the incident comes as a shock to them and they are concerned for their friend, Jones, who apparently is now staying with other family in the area.

stabbing map Man Accidentally Stabs Family Member Thinking He Was An Intruder

(credit: CBS)

“Physically she’s okay but mentally she’s just devastated by what’s happened,” property manager Lon Loomis said.

Police said the case is still open. They have more interviews to do but at this time no charges have been filed. They believe it was an accidental stabbing that sadly resulted in someone dying.

Comments (8)
  1. sarcasm says:

    there is only one lesson to be learned here…….we must ban all knives…..

  2. Obama For Hope says:

    Outlaw steak and carving knives – rounded butter knives and spoons are the only safe and responsible utensils.

    Re-elect President Obama, and help put an end to the Bush-Cheney carnage.


  3. R casson says:

    family story: me smell big fish.

  4. sandia says:

    how do you ‘accidently’ stab smoe one ‘multiple’ times? Maybe once but multiple??

  5. M. M. says:

    They are elderly so I can see it being mulitple stabbings. Depends on just how scared they were!

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