BOSTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Denver Broncos fans who made their way east to cheer on their team found themselves in enemy territory with fans almost as rowdy as Broncos fans.

Broncos fans aren’t scared about their team taking on the New England Patriots. CBS4’s Dominic Garcia made the trip to Boston. He said whether you love them or hate them, the Broncos are the talk of Beantown.

Garcia said he witnessed many people with Broncos gear “Tebowing” in Tom Brady’s town.

There’s been plenty of trash talk on sports radio in Boston. Most everyone on the East Coast has written the Broncos off.

“The Broncos are done,” one radio personality said.

Under the iconic statue of Paul Revere there was debate about how a Tim Tebow jersey would look on Revere. The mayor of Boston will have to put the jersey on the statue of Revere if the Broncos win.

“I don’t think it would last too long up there,” a Patriots fan said.

“No good. This is a Boston city, it’s not a Denver city,” another fan said.

In the sea of silver and blue more and more specks of orange have been showing up.

“I’m beyond excited,” a Broncos fan said.

“This is to Tim Tebow, baby,” a Broncos fan said as he raised his glass of beer.” Go Denver, baby!”

Tebow was featured on the front page of the USA Todayon Friday. The story was about how every week the Tim Tebow Foundation highlights someone to bring to the game. Last week it was a Loveland girl who has had over 70 surgeries. She said she had the time of her life at the Broncos game. This game it’s a Broncos fan who lives in Boston.


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