COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (CBS4)– A police officer from Commerce City has been cleared in a deadly shooting dating back to October 2011.

Officer Brian Trujillo shot and killed a Nathan Done after police were called to 6976 Monaco St. on reports that Done had been making threats toward his girlfriend.

An emergency call to police was made shortly after 9 a.m. Oct. 21, 2011. A woman told authorities she had an argument with her boyfriend, Done, the night before and that he had tried to strangle her. She said Done, 31, threatened her by saying that if she called the police he would have the police kill him.

Shortly before the distress call the woman says he left the house with a large butcher knife.

“When the officers got here … they started searching the area and they located him,” said Lt. Chuck Saunier. “A short vehicle pursuit took place. He went back into the house and barricaded the house with officers right behind him.”

At that point Saunier said officers heard a woman screaming inside the house. Officer Trujillo managed to get inside. He shot and killed Done after it appeared that Done held a knife to his girlfriend’s throat.

According to the police report, Done also told Trujillo, “Kill me, just kill me.”

During the investigation police found a knife under Done’s body and also in the vehicle he was driving.

The district attorney said the Trujillo was justified in using deadly force.

  1. Jo says:

    what B.S I guess the people who were in the house when Officer Trujillio shot Nate statements to facts were not considered in this investigation. Nate did not have a knife to his girlfriends throat but to his own.,, and since when is it ok to shoot to kill? It was obvious that Nate needed help..If Officer Trujillio felt the need to shoot Nate, why did he aim for the head? Just another Police shooting justified….

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