DENVER (CBS4) – Broncos jerseys are a hot item right now and thieves know it.

Even before Sunday’s big victory two thieves struck in downtown Denver. A framed, signed Tim Tebow jersey and a John Elway jersey used to hang at the FastFrame store in LoDo. Early Sunday morning the thieves smashed the window by throwing a bottle of alcohol into it and stole the jerseys.

Police are testing the bottle for DNA. They are also talking to witnesses, one of whom gave a license plate number of a car near the scene.

It’s a costly loss for the store’s owners.

“As a small business it’s tough right now, and when things like this, like I said, it’s just disappointing” Jarrod Perrott with FastFrame said. “Everybody’s been really supportive, everybody’s been coming by, making sure we’re okay, we don’t need anything.”

Each jersey was estimated to be worth about $1,000.

“Everybody’s just kind of disappointed that someone would do this. It’s right after the holidays. We’re a small business. Try to put things in the windows that we think people will like, and when somebody does something like this, it’s a little bit disheartenening,” Perrott said.

The thieves may be a little disheartened themselves if they try to sell the jerseys. They left behind the certificates of authenticity, so there’s nothing to prove that the jerseys are real.

“That kind of tells me that they probably don’t want to sell them. I think they probably just took them and they’re going to hang them in their houses.”

Perrott says insurance is covering the window damage and the cost of the jerseys. The store has located replacement jerseys. They hope to have them on display by Friday.


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