DENVER (CBS4) – It was the biggest reception of Demaryius Thomas’ NFL career — the game-winning touchdown in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Broncos’ first playoff game since the 2005-2006 season. But Thomas wasn’t even sure if the game was over after his 80 yard haul.

Thomas was the special guest on Xfinity Monday Live! He told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi when he ran into the tunnel to keep his feet he thought there may have been a penalty after seeing the players out on the field.

“I’m just running down the field and score a touchdown and run in the tunnel to slow down. I see Champ Bailey and a lot of other players coming and I’m thinking, ‘What’s going on?’ Thomas said. “I thought to myself, ‘We’re going to get a penalty. We need to get back to the sideline.’ ”

Thomas said he then came out of the tunnel and saw everybody was on the field.

“I was like, ‘The game is over,’ ” he said.

Thomas credited his stiff-arm on Steelers defensive back Ike Taylor for spring-boarding him into the end zone.

“I started that when I was in college at Georgia Tech, so I’m used to it. I just brought it out,” Thomas said.

Former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels is now back with the New England Patriots as an offensive assistant. Coincidentally, as the Broncos prepare to play the Pats, McDaniels was the coach that drafted Thomas. He even sent Thomas a text message to congratulate him on the win after the game.

“He was like, ‘Congratulations on the game … good job.’ ”

But is Thomas a little conflicted since McDaniels drafted him in the first round?

“I was thinking about that earlier because I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it. You know, I guess it’s just another coach,” Thomas said, laughing.

The Broncos take on the Patriots in New England this Saturday at 6 p.m. on CBS4.

Watch more of the video with Thomas in the Xfinity Monday Live! section.

  1. beccadrum says:

    Thomas did have hold the Steeler’s helmet and got away with it. Of course, I saw twice where the Steelers did the same thing. But that’s why I think Thomas may have wondered if he scored or not.

    I am a Steelers fan first; however, because of your brave quarterback Tim Tebow, I will be saying “Go Denver!” up through the Superbowl.

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