DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Broncos are looking forward at what it will take to beat the New England Patriots. The Broncos lost the last time the teams met, but Monday morning the players say they just need to play their own game.

CBS4 Money Saver Susan McCarroll has been busy looking for bargains Broncos fans get find if they want to travel to see the game in Massachusetts.

The best game ticket prices McCarroll found were on StubHub. They range from $160 to $811. TicketTurbo had tickets that topped off at $1,600.

The game is sold out, so fans must get tickets from private sellers. On Craigslist in Massachusetts tickets from individual sellers range from $250 to $300 apiece.

To get to New England, taking a Greyhound bus will cost $197 one way leaving Denver on Wednesday and arriving in Boston on Friday. The most inexpensive airline ticket McCarroll found was a roundtrip ticket to Boston for $358 on

To charter a jet for seven of your closest wealthy friends, expect to pay about $15,000.

McCarroll said her best money saving tip is just to watch it for free on TV. All you have to do is pay for snacks.

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  1. Jerry L. Casebolt says:

    I can’t believe you guys misspelled your own reporter’s name! It’s Suzanne McCarroll


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