LAFAYETTE, Colo. (CBS4) – CBS4 has learned investigators have a person of interest in the bombing of a couple who were in their car in Lafayette on Saturday.

The explosion was inside a Volvo as the couple was driving away from their home on Lodgewood Point. The husband and wife are still in the hospital.

The CBS4 investigators have learned the woman had just picked up a bag outside the car.

Police confirm they executed a search warrant at the home of the victim’s ex-husband. The seized many items and now Allyson Stone’s ex husband, Mike Brittan, has been named a person of interest.

Police believe the package that exploded was intended for Allyson and Chris Stone. Their neighborhood was evacuated as bomb squad technicians and robots investigated.

“It’s strange. Very, very strange,” neighbor Michael Clark said.

Police say Allyson Stone pulled a cord on the package which caused the bomb to go off while Chris Stone was driving.

A Facebook friend of the Stone family has updated the couple’s conditions saying, “Chris is just fine and Allyson is badly injured, but eventually be okay. Please pray. Thank you in advance.”

car explosion map transfer Police Have Person Of Interest In Lafayette Explosion That Injured 2

(credit: CBS)

Police say they do not believe there is a threat to the community.

Sources close to the investigation say the FBI was called in to assist in case the threat was wider ranging. The FBI confirms they are no longer on the case. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has six people involved from their agency.

Lafayette police say Allyson Stone has two children with her ex-husband. Those children are now in the care of family members other than their father.

No details are being released about the explosive device because it will be the focus of an interview with the suspect.

Police say the couple was severely burned when the explosive device detonated.

Allyson Stone has been in the news in the past. She was severely bitten in the lip by a dog named “Spork” at the veterinary clinic where she worked as a technician in 2010. Neighbors say there were threats against her after that attack.

allyson stone Police Have Person Of Interest In Lafayette Explosion That Injured 2

Allyson Stone after the dog attack in 2010 (credit: CBS)

Spork could have been euthanized but was spared as part of an agreement. Animal activists posted online threats saying Allyson Stone should be punished for being upset about having been bitten. Neighbors said she received hate mail and the vet hospital received death threats for nearly a year.

Investigators have not ruled out ties to what happened two years ago to her and the bombing.


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