Post-Holiday Sales Bring Better Deals Than You Might Think

Written by Brooke WagnerDENVER (CBS4) – If you’re like me, you have spending fatigue right about now. I feel like I did enough shopping for a lifetime over the holidays. But an important part of keeping a budget is planning for known expenses.

We never know when the unexpected will hit. Because stores want their holiday numbers to be as high as possible, and because many of them need to clear the shelves before President’s Day, they’re dropping prices significantly now.

1. The first and most obvious sale — holiday clearance. Save up to 90 percent on items like wrapping paper without a holiday theme (I bought a roll of silver paper I can use for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays — any day! It was 35 cents!) You can also buy candles, frames and household items that are more “winter” than holiday themed, such as the white glittery snow berry wreaths I bought for the front door for $2 each at TJ Maxx. Stocking stuffers for next year are selling for pennies right now, as are bath and body, fragrance and specialty gift sets. Walgreens has Juicy Couture gift sets, about $80 or $90 at department stores, for $15 right now. You can break these sets up and harvest the things you’ll use throughout the year, or keep them for the next time you need a quick gift.

2. Holiday candy is SUPER inexpensive right now, at 75 percent off and up. If you buy types that aren’t boxed for Christmas, you can use it for Valentine’s Day, or freeze chocolate to use in your baking later. I also bought gorgeous Christmas cards for next year for $1 at Target. The trick with these after-holiday sales is to make a list. If you stick with it, you won’t buy things you won’t need — and that 14th box of cards isn’t a bargain if you don’t need it. At least, I keep reminding myself that.

3. Check out the clearance clothing racks right now at Target, Walmart, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Kohl’s, etc. They are often full right now, because the stores must make room for the spring lines. Those clothes will just go down in price, so you can buy coats and cold weather accessories now (I bought coats for my family at Walmart for $3 each!) for next year. I mark my calendar with a reminder for October of what I bought and where I put it.

4. Planning on giving or receiving jewelry for Valentine’s Day? Now’s the time to buy, during holiday markdowns and before Valentine stock arrives.

5. Stores are closing out last year’s computers, accessories, and video games — so this is a good time to make a laptop purchase.

I know it can be incredibly tempting to pick up that gift set for $2.50. I am guilty of buying far more of those deep clearance items than I need, just because they’re cheap. But my New Year’s resolution is to stick to my list and not buy anything that doesn’t really serve a purpose in my home.

Happy New Year! Now that the economy seems to be perking up and more jobs are popping up, let’s hope it’s a 2012 full of blessings.

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