DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Broncos playoff tickets are hot items both for Broncos fans and Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Police are cracking down on ticket scalpers.

Officers dress up as football fans and go after those charging more than the face value of the ticket. They’ve been patrolling the past few games at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

“I was mortified. When they told me that they could take me to jail,” said Broncos season ticket holder Kim Burrell.

She was cited for trying to sell two $58 tickets for $75 each, that’s $17 over face value, a $34 profit.

Police issued seven citations on Jan. 1 at the Kansas City Chiefs- Broncos game for selling tickets over face value.

At the New England Patriots game Dec. 18, 2011 police in Denver arrested and jailed 10 people for allegations of scalping.

“I know you can sell them online, I know you can sell them, but what is the actual definition of where I’m allowed to sell them and where I’m not?,” asked Burrell.

Police in Denver said it’s illegal to sell tickets for even a penny more than face value within the city limits. It’s also illegal to sell tickets for face value on Broncos property, that includes the grounds of Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Tickets purchased online do not apply.

Comments (3)
  1. Gordo says:

    Marty Griffin is an idiot form Pittsburgh

  2. Doya says:

    Everyone in Pittsburgh knows Marty is a Moron

  3. Mitch Friedman says:

    The Denver Police have nothing else to do while there are serious crimes being committed. Who the hell cares if people are selling tickets. Nobody gets hurt. Meanwhile the rest of the city remains unprotected against real crimes. What a joke that department is.

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