Written by Brian Maass DENVER (CBS4) – Former Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman has been transferred to the Denver Police Department’s METRO/SWAT Bureau, according to multiple Denver Police Department sources.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock replaced Whitman with Chief Robert White in December. But Whitman is not retiring or leaving the police department. Rather, he is maintaining his civil service rank of captain.

Multiple police contacts say Whitman has been transferred to the SWAT team. An officer who answered the phone Wednesday at the SWAT unit said Whitman was on vacation until Jan. 11.

It’s unclear if Whitman’s transfer to SWAT is temporary or permanent.

METRO is an acronym for Multiple Enforcement Tactical Response Organization and SWAT is for Special Weapons and Tactics.

According to the bureau’s website, it has 42 officers and is headquartered in southwest Denver.

Comments (3)
  1. denvervet says:

    Gee, nice of you to blow his cover! Idiots. So how come we still see people in the park at Occupy Denver? Gee, I thought I heard the new police chief say they wouldn’t be there on his watch???? I guess he failed his first assignment. Oh well, lets give him 2 more tries at accomplishing something before we throw stones. Maybe the lack of oxygen has gotten to him? I will wait and see what he does for the PD and Denver…..

    1. Geo. says:

      I’m afraid that Denver is headed for the same kind of chaos and disorder that cities like Newark, Detroit, and Pittsburgh have known for decades. It’s all about politics. We have a small group of power brokers who run this town. We have one major newspaper, who forgot what the words “investigative journalism” mean, and a smaller alternative press who is too busy enriching it’s coffers by promoting pot to do any real reporting.

  2. Geo. says:

    If we had a press corps in this town….this mayor would have never been elected!

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