DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado voters may soon be asked again to vote on a new marijuana initiative. The petition asks voters to legalize marijuana for adults.

The Secretary of State Office is now reviewing 160,000 signatures to get it on the ballot.

Marijuana advocates say they want to make selling pot a legitimate business. They’d like to have marijuana sold and regulated just like liquor sales. Supporters say fully legalizing pot will keep drugs out of the hands of minors and give the state a huge boost in sales tax revenue.

Campaigning to legalize marijuana has almost become a routine for election years, but this time advocates say they’re trying a new approach.

Marijuana advocates brought in a literal truck-load of signatures — more than 30 boxes of names.

“A majority of Coloradans support making marijuana legal for adults,” attorney Mason Tvert said.

Tvert is running the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.

“It’s time that we regulate this drug, we get it out of the hands of young people, and off the black market, and we generate a lot of tax revenue,” Tvert said.

The ballot measure would make it legal to sell limited amounts of marijuana to adults 21 and older. It would also permit growing industrial hemp.

Advocates nearly doubled the amount of necessary signatures to land on the ballot. The campaign is taking a fresh approach to their cause, calling legalization a women’s issue.

“Many women are choosing cannabis for the issues that treat breast cancer, bladder cancer, and the different issues that we have in being able to continue to be mothers and grandmothers to our children,” Wanda James with the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol said.

“The dirty hippie is just an ugly, outdated stereotype. Women and conservatives and families and business leaders are all part of this effort,” medical marijuana attorney Jessica Peck said.

Peck calls herself a Republican strategist. She says the issue won’t cut down traditional party lines.

“It would raise much needed tax revenue, it would free our prisons to make room for violent, real criminals; it takes marijuana out of the hands of kids,” Peck said.

The campaign predicts tax revenues to exceed $10 million in the first year if the law passes. They call it common sense.

“This is a responsible initiative and it has the promise of making Colorado a much safer place,” Tvert said.

In 2010 California tried passing a measure legalizing marijuana. That measure failed by 7 percent of the vote. Political analysts in Colorado say it’s just a matter of time before legalization does pass, but that time probably isn’t now.

Comments (23)
  1. john says:

    You filthy stinking pothead maggots!
    How much taxpayer money are we going to waste on this garbage.
    How many times do the voters have to tell you worthless idiots we don’t want to legalize dope.
    As for keeping it from minors?
    That just proves how stupid you really are.
    You mean like we keep alcohol and sex from minors?
    Yeah that will work well.
    Put this garbage everywhere, that will surely kepp it away from minors.
    God help this country full of idiots.
    NO NO NO to your stinkig pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. A truth teller says:

      Excuse me but I don’t consider myself an idiot, volunteer at my kids school, on the PTO board AND have a college degree. The only idiots out there are the ones who can’t educate themselves.

    2. bud101 says:

      People like these makes me glad there’s weed around to help tolerate stupid. This person thinks they are on a high horse when they sound like they have their head up a donkey’s ass. NO NO NO to stinking people like you@

    3. Blacno Coney says:

      You are right about one thing..his country is full of idiots, you being amongst the top.
      Marijuana is safer than many legal medications, alcohol, and foods.
      Speaking of God….Read the Bible, in Genesis it clearly states that He created all seed bearing plants for us. This includes Marijuana.
      Educate yourself, and seek out the truth. The lies we have been told about marijuana for years are coming to light, and that will be the undoing of the ignorant, and manipulative prohibition of marijuana.

    4. Carol Ann says:

      John, I am the mother of a 22 year old man who suffers from bipolar cycling, depression, OCD, facial tics, ADHD, uncontrolled repetitive motion (he pounds repetitive beats with his hands and feet for hours). We have been to no less than a dozen doctors and he has been on over 20 prescription drugs. NONE have brought him peace. They have made him nauseous, sleepless, agitated, migraines, weight gain, robbed him of his coordination,and raised his blood pressurel. Things got so bad he couldn’t finish high school. And then he tried marijuana with a high CBD/low THC formula. He is now living on his own, is attending college, has a girlfriend and a job. He is now a fully-functioning adult. I never thought he would live to see this day. Instead of shooting your mouth off, why don’t you educate yourself on the medicinal benefits of marijuana? You, my sir, are the idiot.

  2. denvervet says:

    This is just stupid. Were these poeple high on pot when they drew up this proposal? This will not keep it away from kids, it will be readily available now to them just as liquor and Rx drugs in the home. I can’t see this passing but then again I would not be surprised. I just hope they dont drive and smoke pot and kill people.

    1. A truth teller says:

      Been driving and smoke cannabis for a good 15 years, accident free/ ticket free, the worse drivers out there are the ones drinking and talking on their cell phone and have road rage.

    2. Carol Ann says:

      On the contrary, Portugal decriminalized all drugs 10 years ago and you know what happened? Drug use in teens went DOWN. Drug related deaths? Down. Drug related HIV? Down..Again. Someone else who doesn’t check their facts.

  3. A truth teller says:

    BTW, didn’t you notice it was LAWYERS who started this, someone who actually went to school and educated themselves?!

  4. RSKI says:

    What a couple of ‘HEAD IN THE SAND IDIOTS”all this talk about encouraging “Green renewable profitable tax generating industries, The marijuana industry is the perfect “Green” industry, generating much needed tax resources, between jan-october 2011, the city of Boulder generated over $500,000 in city and state taxes,courtesy of the medical marijuana industry. just one example. and to the doom and gloom sayers who are so concerned about the kids, get real ,kids are already exposed to alcohol; the Number 1 drug problem in the country today, society will never be able to stop kids from experimenting and and trying to partake of adult activities prior to their being of legal age, the best we can hope to do is provide them honest and truthful answers to their questions, how many deaths a year are attributable to alcohol abuse-tens of thousands, and how many attributable to marijuana-a big fat ZERO

  5. Educated Woman says:

    This is a very smart approach. Attitudes and minds are changing, it is a slow process, but eventually this will be the norm. As a woman who has three college degrees and a history of cancer on both sides of her family, I hope it is sooner than later.

    1. Dale MacDonald says:

      Your degrees are worthless if you believe this is in any way a women’s issue. I have a real college degree, in engineering, not liberal arts, and I can see the contradictions in making this a women’s issue before i even read this article. Most feminists are college educated, just not the kind of education that is useful for anything other than whining about what the government doesn’t do.

  6. john says:

    So in your mind because you have a phony college degree that means nothing and volunteer at the kids school that makes you smarter than everyone else right?
    A college degree means nothing, they are giving them out in gumball machines these days.
    Listen, drugas are illegal, drugs are bad, drugs destroy lives.
    Don’t tell me pot is wonderful and not addictive.
    Don’t tell me kids don’t smoke it, don’t tell me that when you make it more available than it is now it will be easier to keep from kids?
    The trouble with this country is the idiots that sit around and discuss how wonderful they are because they are liberal, or they have college degrees or any one of a number of other things.
    The fact remains this country is going to hell in a handbasket because too many stupid people with college degress don’t have one ounce if common sense,
    I know some awful stupid people with degrees so that does not impress me even a little bit.

    1. bud101 says:

      Unfortunately limited education is proof of your reply which means what you said is worthless. Go have another drink and cigarette.

  7. ucanfindmee says:

    Wow, John wins the opended minded award.

    1. Blanco Coney says:

      open like a full toilet 🙂

  8. Dale MacDonald says:

    I am failing to see how this is a women’s issue. Men get cancer too, or did feminists forget that. Feminists or those that advocate this as a women’s issue are not smartest group. Did they even stop to think about this for a moment. Feminists are immune from statistics and as you can see by this article, hypocritical and the dumbest educated people you will ever meet.

  9. Dale MacDonald says:

    I am for legalizing marijuana. If your trying to pull the wool over dumb liberals eyes by calling it a women’s issue, then liberals are dumber than I thought. A black issue maybe, but a women’s issue simply because of cancer, please, everybody gets cancer, how you localized it to women is the most disgusting thing that feminists do and would turn any smart educated person off the debate.

  10. john says:

    It’s the stupidity of minds too open that are causing all the problems.
    If pot is so good for the tax revenue why not prostitution?
    Why not legalized gambling everywhere?
    Why not cocaine or meth or speed?
    Think of all the money collected in taxes?
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Lets legalize pot so the girl scouts can sell it. pot would make them way more money than cookies.
    The problem with all you college educated people is you are so full of yourselves.
    Did you learn anything worthwhile in college or just how to be open minded and liberal?
    There is a real world out there that most of you know nothing about.
    In the real world you don’t make something easily availabe, fashonable or glamorized and expect people will leave it alone and adhere to the rules.
    You put pot in everybodys house that wants it and you will have an epidemic of kids using it as if we don’t already.
    What do open minded people think anyway?
    It’s ok to push kids towards gay sex?
    Ok to tell them pot is the answer to everything?
    Ok to sit around and be worthless even if you are a legend in your own mind?
    We have enough stupidity in the world without catering to junkies even if you consider yourself educated and open minded if you are a pothead no matter how you look at it you are a pothead.
    This nonsense started dragging the country down beginniing in the late 1960’s
    Been spiraling out of control ever since.
    All you need to do is look where we are as a country and take ten seconds to figure out how we got here and who is responsible for it?
    We got here by people without one ounce of common sense, you know the kind of people that want to legalize drugs.
    Oh I forgot we can make tax money off of this?
    We can make tax money off a lot of things if you throw morals out the window.
    Oh yeah, we already did that too, look where it got us!

    1. bud101 says:

      Why not shut up.? Your ideas are worthless.You sound drunk, Drink some more and spew more manure . Doin’ a great job!

    2. Douglas says:

      John u still dont under stand what is happening U feel better about living in a flat world U feel safe there. Well because of u and your types u are the reason why there is no control and our kids can go after school to some one home and buy some cannabis. U support the killings that go on in Mexico. U never try to learn the truth on cannabis be cause u are to scar to learn the truth.

  11. john says:

    Go to the Denver Post article about the freshmen at CSU that overdosed on Heroin that had pot in his system
    No connection there right?
    No way could the pot have influenced this kids decision right?
    Tell that to his parents!
    Oh yeah, not to make light of the situation but look what he learned in college!
    Wonder who showed him this trick?
    I bet it was somebody with an “open mind”
    I think I just stumbled onto something here.
    An open mind must let the few brains that were in ones head escape into thin air.
    Maybe closed minds that actually contain the brain cells within the brain are a better idea after all.

    1. bud101 says:

      You need some stories about alcohol on it’s own destroying lives? HUH? HUH? They will eclipse your stinking little example! you cite an example and think that’s the general path everyone takes? seriously, you need to back away from the computer and get drunk without a computer.

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