DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado lawmaker wants to make it harder for couples to get divorced.

Republican Sen. Kevin Lundberg’s bill would require parents with children under 18 take 6 hours of classes on how the separation would impact their children.

“If theres any chance if this marriage finding a solution of staying together we encourage that to occur,” said Lundberg, who represents Larimer County.

It would also set a waiting period before couples could file for divorce.

“We’re wanting to ensure that parents have every opportunity to consider the long term ramifications of this,” said Lundberg.

“We’re addressing the issue of divorce when children are present and it’s important for everyone to understand the impact that has on those children throughout the rest of their life,” Lundberg said.

Not everyone agrees. Psychotherapist Whitney Lockhart believes most couples don’t have a change of heart about divorce.

“I think it will just prolong what is already a difficult process,” said Lockhart. “I think by the time they’ve actually made the decision there is really no turning back and so having the waiting period could cause more frustration.”

Lundberg’s bill would make exceptions in cases of sexual abuse or violence.

“It’s a big of a time out, you might say, before proceeding with the normal divorce processes our law prescribes,” said Lundberg. “This is intended to give those kids every opportunity for success in their family and success in their lives.”

A similar bill failed in 2001.

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  1. Carla Heyn Ramirez says:

    I think we need to make everyone realize how hard it is on abused children who’s protective parent can’t get a family court judge to pay attention to their plight. This article says that there would be exceptions for abused children, but you must remember that you have to PROVE abuse with solid evidence and it is very difficult to gather that kind of evidence when you are afraid of your spouse.
    My God, how could we as a society live with ourselves if we make it even MORE difficult to protect children. I think we would do better by educating ourselves on the effects of emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse. Divorce hurts but abuse damages lives and it’s passed on to the next generation and the next.

  2. glenda says:

    law makers need to stay out of peoples private lives where it is none of their business what people do with their lives. alot of times it is better for the children to be out of the situation than hear parents argue and fight all the time. some children feel it is their fault when people argue. They are hurt worse than if the parents are apart.

  3. Frustrated says:

    This terrifies me. Many people have put divorce off due to the economy. They can’t afford to sell the house. They are looking for work.

    Some people putting it off are in abusive relationships. They can’t afford to leave until they get on solid footing. Why would lawmakers want to make the process more expensive and difficult for people in this situation?

    I know they are claiming an exception for abuse but it will have to be proven. Why would they want women in an abusive relationships to get their spouse arrested in order to prove abuse so they could afford to end the marriage? Why would anyone want to traumatize our children like that? Why would any woman want to diminish the father of her children’s earning capacity?

    Getting a man in trouble with the law, even for something as minor as property destruction will only fuel the fire and make things worse. It could make it hard for him to get and keep a job, and traumatize the kids if they see an arrest.

    I don’t think the author of this bill is thinking. It will put battered spouses and children in danger. It would be wise to let the issue die here.

  4. Ted says:

    No one should be forced by some elected official to stay in a dangerous relationship. What a jerk.

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