DENVER (CBS4)– The mother of a murdered teacher lashed out in court at the man accused of killing her daughter.

Ryan Miller is charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of Andrea Roan. Miller, 27, allegedly shot his former girlfriend Dec. 16 while she was driving away from her apartment near 12th & Clayton.

After she was shot, Roan’s car crashed into a garage. She had recently ended a brief relationship with Miller and a judge had ordered Miller not to contact her.

miller ryan Mother Of Murdered Teacher Lashes Out Against Suspect

Ryan Miller (credit: Denver Police Dept.)

Miller was arrested earlier this month for domestic violence involving Roan.

Wednesday, Roan’s mother was overcome with tears as Miller entered the courtroom. She yelled profanities at him when he walked out of court.

Police also arrested Richard James Leavitt in connection with Roan’s murder. Leavitt, 27, has been charged with accessory to first degree murder.

Police believe Leavitt drove Miller to and from the crime scene and helped hide the murder weapon. Leavitt has been released from custody on a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 30 for an advisement hearing.

leavitt richard Mother Of Murdered Teacher Lashes Out Against Suspect

Richard Leavitt (credit: Denver Police Dept.)

Roan was a fifth grade teacher at Alsup Elementary School in Commerce City.

Miller is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Jan. 30, 2012.

  1. anon says:

    Ryan Miller doesn’t even deserve life in prison. He deserves to have everything done to him that he’s done. Rape, assault, false imprisonment, and only after he’s gotten everything that he gave out, then he should be put to death. Ryan deserves to be put down like a crazy pitt bull at the pound. He doesn’t treat people like humans, why should he be treated like one? An eye for an eye…

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