DENVER (CBS4) – Thousands of people lined up to dine in style in downtown Denver on Christmas.

The Denver ChopHouse & Brewery teams up with several shelters and nonprofit programs every year during the holidays to provide a holiday meal to homeless and in-need families.

Some 2,700 people were served a delicious warm meal. This year they were “served” instead of dishing up from a buffet.

Organizers say the need is greater this year.

“The numbers continue to grow, the line is longer every morning when I get here. The need is greater and I think that as much as the economy has hit you and (me), it’s devastating to these folks,” Collin McDowell with the ChopHouse said

Santa also made an appearance.

Each family received new winter clothing, pajamas and books for children. Families were also given the opportunity to pose for a portrait to commemorate the day.

  1. BritannicUK says:

    It’s simple acts of kindness like this, and the spirit behind it, that illustrate what is possible in confronting social hardship in a nation. It may not change their lives, but it gave them a sense of normality – a sense that someone cared enough to help. Isn’t this what Christmas is all about? Cynics will be sceptical, but it shows what’s possible – if the will is there. Well done to all who organized this meal, perhaps it can be built on, and in turn, strengthen the resolve of those who received it.

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