DENVER (AP) — Education advocates are calling on Gov. John Hickenlooper to rethink his decision to appeal a court ruling against the state’s school funding system.

Earlier this month, a Denver judge sided with parents and 21 school districts challenging the funding system, calling it “irrational and inadequate.” Hickenlooper announced Wednesday that the state will ask the Colorado Supreme Court to review the decision.

Great Education Colorado was in the middle of collecting signatures on a petition urging state officials not to appeal at the time. Spokeswoman Lisa Weil says they had collected over 1,500 signatures from 160 cities across the state.

Meanwhile, The Denver Post reported that the state education board has delayed a decision on whether to appeal until next week.

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  1. Migrant3 says:

    The education community must like their court identified role as ‘whipped dog’. Hickenlooper clearly does not want to accept the activist judge’s opinion that the state might need more money for education.

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