BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – For the first time one of the people who says an attorney in Breckenridge took his money and fled to Mexico is talking.

Royal Scoop Daniel vanished 4 1/2 years ago. Many of his victims thought they’d never see him again. Then border patrol arrested him in San Diego.

CBS4’s Jeff Todd talked with a man who says Daniel took his money — money that he expects is gone, even though Daniel has reportedly said he still has every dime.

Daniel faces 13 new felony charges, but the victim still feel like it’s all a joke.

“I can only assume it’s gone,” Lou Fishman said.

Fishman is a contractor who worked with Daniel for just shy of a decade.

“He was the trustee or escrow account holder,” Fishman said.

Then there was the day in April 2007 when Daniel disappeared. At first everyone thought something had happened. Even a 911 call was placed.

“So at first, definitely thought something had happened. Then it became pretty apparent in the week or so, no bueno,” Fishman said.

Daniel has told investigators he’s been in Mexico.

“I figured he was on a beach sipping pina coladas with my money.”

Fishman is one of dozens of victims who lost a combined $750,000 when Daniel left.

“I believe it’s in the $50,000 range.”

The district attorney has said it’s his goal to get the victims their money back. Fishman says he can only laugh at the case against Daniel.

“I don’t know why I laugh about it every time I hear it. I try not to spend too much energy on it because I don’t have any inclination I’ll get money back.”

The new counts were filed Monday by district attorney Mark Hurlbert. They carry a stiff penalty. Originally Daniel faced about 20 years in prison. His maximum sentence could now be about a century.

Daniel’s attorneys asked that the judge be removed because when the case was first filed she was working for the district attorney. The court said it would have that figured out by his next hearing on Jan. 9.


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