DENVER (CBS4) – Tim Tebow couldn’t pull off another miracle comeback this weekend, but one of his biggest fans didn’t seem to mind.

Before Sunday’s game, the Broncos quarterback ran over and gave a hug to Kelly Faughnan. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Faughnan was a huge Tebow fan when he played at Florida. He even asked her to be his date at an award ceremony.

Thanks to Tebow’s foundation Kelly was able to make it to Sunday’s game.

  1. morris says:

    People talk about the Denver defense and how they deserve much credit. They … but the defense played so well as when Orton was under center. Tebow is a number, of course, is not impressive, but his presence, and only about their power has increased, that the defense plays, where they are one of the best in the league, because Tebow is taking over. whatever, we can get more info on, thanx

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