DENVER (CBS4) – All signs at Denver’s Civic Center Park are pointing to the possibility of another run-in with police after some Occupy Denver protesters trashed part of the park.

Protesters are in their third month at the site along Broadway in downtown Denver, and the current conflict that has emerged is over trash that now litters some trees in the park and surrounds the camp-out area.

Denver Public Works crews were set to clean up the sidewalk where the protesters are camped out last week, but they backed off that plan on Thursday after running into opposition from the Occupy supporters.

Park managers told CBS4 the situation is getting out of control.

“Free speech is not property destruction, vandalism and taking away a public access from the rest of the community,” said Civic Center Conservancy spokeswoman Lindy Eichenbaum-Lent.

One protester said the trash represents “the true state of America” because the “country is a mess.” Another said the trash in the trees represents symbolism.

“Urban parks are not built for long term habitation,” Eichenbaum-Lent said.

Protesters say they are nervous that any attempt to clean the area could be an intent to wash away their movement completely.

“Because it’s been used as a political tactic to clear the social movement away, Occupy Denver is suspicious that that’s what’s happening now,” one supporter told CBS4.

Public Works says they still plan to clean the park but haven’t set a specific time for when that will happen.

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  1. denvervet says:

    I think they just want to clean the sidewalks, they are not clean at all. People eat and live there and they are filthy. I also believe they have every right to do so. I agree with your right to protest but this is getting rediculous. I hope they have cameras on the protestors they may need them to prove things in future.

  2. Johnathan Galt says:

    The trash in the park is both a literal and symbolic representation of the trash that is camping there. To all the drug addicts, bums, and sexual deviants that make up this movement – LEAVE OUR PUBLIC SPACES!!!!

  3. Ted says:

    People have freedom of speech, not freedom to foul property.

  4. Jamie says:

    I feel the same way I agree they have the freedom of speech, this has gone way to far. I have lived here all my life and I cant Believe Colorado people would act this way and destroy the parks that everyone loves. Also is this what we are teaching our children its ok to destroy public property.

  5. LEE says:

    This is not our children destroying our parks. It’s professional rabble rousers that are causing us taxpayers to shoulder the burden of cleaning up after them. What’s wrong with our local politicians that they don’t clear these losers out of the area? What are the politicians scared of?

    If these crimes continue and our taxpayer costs continue to increase you bet the next election will be difficult for the current elected politicians.

    1. moreco2 says:

      On part 2, I hope so but I have no faith in the Denver electorate. They are worse than Boulder. Speaking of which, is anyone squatting in Boulder?

      1. moreco2 says:

        Probably not. The mt. lions (who have more rights than humans in Boulder) like to slink around looking for young meat at night. Poor mt. lion has no idea that the meat is poisoned with crack and other bad sht though.

  6. Travis John says:

    This is out of control! This group has lost all of its credibility and any purpose it might have served has been lost in the chaos. Freedom of speech is one thing, freedom to break the law, cost taxpayers more money, and provoke unlawful violence is another matter altogether.

  7. Occupy People are Trash says:

    Hickenlooper = FAIL.

    These trash pots continue to break the law on a daily basis. Drug use, drug distribution, illegally tapping into the cities electrical source, sexual assault, public masturbation, hrs sting and defecating in public, the list goes on…

    Remove these socialistic class warfare tools created by their idiot incompetent leader Hussein Obama.

  8. John Q. Public says:

    These fools have camped in that park for far too long. It’s time for them to pack up and head home. That park is owned by taxpayers, and maintained with tax dollars (probably none of which has been provided by the members of this group). It’s ridiculous that the city of Denver has allowed this small collection of misfits to destroy the park for this long. The whole area has become a trashy eyesore in the middle of an otherwise vibrant downtown area.

    A group that varies in size from about 20-100 people hardly represents the majority in a metro area of 2.5 million people. Yet, these idiots block traffic through the downtown area every weekend during their marches, and prevent people like me from getting to my job. Then, while the rest of us are stuck in a traffic jam that the “Occupiers” caused, they babble on with their idiotic little chant: “whose streets? Our streets!”. Wrong. It’s everyone’s street, and you’re blocking it for the rest of us with your silly little worthless protest, hippie.

    Why in the world isn’t the Denver Police Department ticketing and/or arresting the instigators of the lawless activity in this group?

    Sure, these people have a right to protest. But, they don’t have a right to camp illegally in a park, nor do they have the right to destroy that park for all of us. And, they clearly don’t represent the 99% of us that they claim to.

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