DENVER (CBS4) – The Broncos loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday muddied the waters as far as the playoff race is concerned. While the Broncos may still have the easiest path to the postseason in the West, there are plenty of scenarios that could derail them.

ESPN has published the various ways the Broncos could win the division. You can see their breakdown by clicking on the link below. As it stands right now there are 4 ways for Denver to get in. That includes one scenario in which the Broncos do NOT win either of their last two games.

However, each of the other three teams in the West … the Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs are all still alive and have their own scenarios for reaching the playoffs.

Needless to say, it’s complicated. But it will make for a very interesting final two weeks to the regular season. AFC West division title scenarios

  1. J Kreydatus says:

    How is the Bronco’s playoff chances jeopardized when they are still holding firmly in first place in their division? They still have a chance.

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