DENVER (CBS4) – Two teenagers are $10,000 richer on Wednesday after being honored for helping police track down a drunk driver.

Steven Sanchez and Jason Perez saw a hit-and-run in July of 2010 at 70th and Broadway. The crash killed a motorcyclist.

Sanchez is thankful he and his friend were at the right place at the right time. They chased the hit-and-run suspect that killed 59-year-old John Brand.

“I didn’t expect $5,000 apiece. We are just really kind-hearted people and didn’t want to receive money, just from Debbie or anybody,” Sanchez said.

The law firm Law Tigers awarded the pair for their actions. They were nominated by the victim’s girlfriend, Debbie Pyatok, who survived the crash.

“They didn’t turn their back to it. I know a lot of people saw the incident and they were the only two that went after the drivers,” Pyatok said.

At the crash site a memorial and a sign have been placed in memory of Brand.

The teens say they’ll share the money with their families.


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