DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4 investigators have learned new details about a million dollar marijuana bust involving a Denver dispensary. It involved a sting related to shipping pot out of state.

Dimitry Genzer owns the Cannabis and Company dispensary at 44th and Tejon. He and co-defendant Joseph Alejo are both out on bail.

There has been a repeated problem associated with medical marijuana in the state of Colorado. Because it is considered legal and regulated by the state, drug agents are finding it being illegally sold and shipped to other states.

The dispensaries are supposed to only deal with patients on the Colorado medical marijuana registry, but the owner may have gotten stung by a deal that sounded good.

Genzer was arrested after authorities say he agreed to supply 200 pounds of marijuana at $400,000 a week to be picked up at his dispensary and taken out of state.

alejo dimitry New Details In Million Dollar Marijuana Bust Involving Dispensary

Joseph Alejo & Dimitry Genzer (credit: Jefferson Co. Sheriff's Office)

Three samples of the pot were obtained from Genzer’s center, which were then shown to an informant. Court documents add, “An undercover officer posing as a buyer told Genzer he ‘comes from Pennsylvania, which doesn’t have medical marijuana and has come into town for the last several months.’ ”

The deal was set up to take place at 44th and Federal Boulevard, but when Alejo arrived in his car and agents observed him unloading boxes of marijuana, he was taken into custody.

About 175 pounds of high-grade marijuana was recovered with a street value of a $1 million by the West Metro Drug Task Force. Some of it was found in a Lakewood storage locker.

CBS4 tried to contact Genzer, but was quickly referred to his lawyer who said there would be no comment.

The two arrested are facing possible charges of distribution of marijuana in excess of 100 pounds. They are to appear in court on Wednesday.

Denver police assisted in the investigation. It began in November.

Comments (9)
  1. Citizen80919 says:

    if they were going to pay $400,000 , wouldn’t that make the value $400,000 ?

    1. Sharee Wilson says:

      No it triples street value for the buyer, and he makes the real profit..

  2. Citizen80249 says:

    Morons! Making all the dispensaries look bad, when most are doing good for the communities. Kiss your business and LIFE goodbye. They almost had their dream. Greed can be a real MF.

    1. ShareeWilson says:

      How long did you think it was going to last? The feds never agreeded to it, it was going anyway they just helped the process…..

  3. denvervet says:

    There are dispensaries all over the place, some even next door to each other. I really don’t believe that there are that many sick people who depend on pot to help them. We should have this drug moved to pharmacies if its a drug, right? I could definately get it if I wanted to but you know what……..good old pills work really well as prescribed by my Dr. and I don’t walk around high in a fog either. Its a win-win situation.

    1. Mile Hi Mmj Patient says:

      Glad you found something that works for you, but how can you speak for the others that don’t like taking pills because it destroys their kidneys and liver?

      Most patients do not walk around in a high fog. Maybe you should talk to a real patient sometime, or read the patient stories on my website. Did you know we have a whole VETERANS section of our site and our magazine? It would really open your eyes.

  4. COLSpringsvet says:

    win-win for you denvervet. For you. Lots of people are tired of filling their bodies w/pills. Dr. prescribed narcotics.< Narcotics. It damages the liver among other things.
    Cant sleep? pop this! In pain? take 3 of these daily! Depressed/PTSD- take 3 different medications daily! — Thousands of people die each year to RX meds. Marijuana is the lesser of two evils. Go find real marijuana Patients, and hear what they have to say about how Medical Marijuana benefits them, most are trying to ween off RX meds. Also, for those who love taking pills: Pharmacies will be coming out with their own Synthetic Marijuana in a pill form called Sativix next year.
    (ALSO NOTE: there will always be those who fake the system, whether it be Pharmacy drugs/pain killers, alcohol and marijuana)

    1. Todd says:

      There already is a synthetic marijuana pill. It’s called Marinol.

      1. Mile Hi Mmj Patient says:

        Marinol is a synthetic THC. It does not have the other cannabinoids CBD, CBN, etc. All it does is get the patient stoned out of his/her mind.

        Ask anyone who has taken it, and they will agree that the natural plant is 100x better than that pill.

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