DENVER (AP) – U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has introduced a bill that would help keep foreign students with high-tech skills in the United States.

Bennet says the bill unveiled Tuesday will create a new category of visas for students graduating with specialties in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. He says the bill will help fill Colorado’s increasing number of high-tech jobs.

Bennet says studies show that more than 40 percent of the 2010 Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. Bennet says these companies employ more than 3.6 million people nationally and generate more than $4 trillion in revenue a year.

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Comments (3)
  1. Josh Biggs says:

    Democrats truly hate the working men and women of this country. First they give all of Colorado’s construction jobs to illegals forcing americans that had been in those industries to go back to school. Now they want to give all of or high tech jobs to illegals. Democrats are truly trying to destroy this nation.

  2. Linda says:

    It’s because the foreigners get free or low cost education while Americans can’t afford to go to college. It’s a shame how America is being sold off in bits and pieces.

  3. Roy says:

    Asian Indians have been coming to this state for years because they focus on information technology and math skills. The “idea” coming from a flannel mouthed senator is just a continuation of the party line on the other illegals. You have watched our education system deteriorate in quality and funding as we focused on just getting the block checked. We keep on allowing other countries from the south to dump their ready made blue collar workers on a over taxed hospital and education system and call names when anyone questions the judgement.

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