FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– A Fort Collins police sergeant has written a book about the best ways parents can protect their children from sexual predators.

“There has been a lot of high publicity stuff going on but to me it’s not surprising at all because this abuse happens all the time,” said Sgt. Jon Holsten.

Holsten spent years investigating sex assault on children and eventually wrote the book “The Swimsuit Lesson.”

“Any part of the body covered by their swimsuit is off limits to others,” said Holsten. “If you are having this conversation with your child when they’re 12 years old, you are way behind the curveball.”

Holsten said parents need to make sure children understand exactly what parts of their bodies are off limits. Parents should explain what they would do if someone tries to touch them sexually.

“They need to say, ‘STOP. Don’t touch me’ and they need to walk away. And then they need to tell somebody,” said Holsten.

Telling somebody is the key message in the book as demonstrated in this passage:

“Will we get in trouble if we tell you?” asks Lisa.

“No sweetheart,” explains mom. “You will not get in trouble. Mom and dad will be proud of you for telling us.”

Holsten believes ongoing parent-child talks to prevent sex abuse is just as important as protecting your child with a seat belt while riding in the car.

“Your child is more likely that they will be sexually abused than they are to be seriously injured or killed in a car accident. And that’s a big deal. We don’t talk about it with them, that’s wrong. It’s irresponsible of parents,” said Holsten.



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