DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver task force is trying to make sure everyone has access to healthy food.

The task force says that low-income communities in Denver often lack access to supermarkets with affordable, healthy food. So they are trying to provide incentives for grocers to open new stores in under served neighborhoods, eliminating what’s been dubbed “food deserts.”

“Neighborhoods right next to each other where one has great health, access to fresh food, it is less violent, their life span is about 10 to 20 years longer than this one that doesn’t,” Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez said.

The task force also says they want to get more eligible Coloradans to participate in food stamp programs. Coloradans missed out on $2.6 billion in food stamp benefits, which if utilized could help lure grocery stores to urban areas.

In Denver only 43 percent of eligible individuals receive food stamps.

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Comments (4)
  1. Migrant3 says:

    How did Colorado “miss out on $2.6 billion in food stamp benefits”? Who is in charge of garnering these benefits for the state? Sounds as if the Obama administration and our elected state officials are ignoring the health and welfare of poor Coloradans.

  2. Jim says:

    This is typical liberalism. I grew up in those kinds of neighborhoods in Denver and we NEVER lacked for a good place to shop for groceries. Therre is not a single area in metro Denver that lacks grocery stores within easy travelling distance. Prove me wrong and name one. What these areas need instead is more JOBS which does not come to pass by making people MORE dependant on government. In spite of the terrible school system in Adams County I worked hard and got out of poverty as did many of my friends. HARD WORK not government handouts and Socialist investigations of non-existent “food deserts”.

  3. Geo. says:

    Do you think that maybe alcoholism, drug abuse, parental neglect, and the gang culture might have something to do with the lower life spans that Councilman Lopez talks about?? I have a friend who grew up in the projects. It took him into his 50’s to break away from a dysfunctional family, whose parents and siblings were boozers and drug addicts. He got himself cleaned up and learned to read at age 50. Neither the govt. or society caused the suffering in his family. Councilman Lopez, if you want to help, stop giving people free stuff. Help to educate them!!

    1. John says:

      Abaolutely, you are spot on. Everyone wants to blame a freebie shortage, and we now have generational freebie addicts. Not attending school is huge.

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