DENVER (CBS4) – Two men have been charged with selling and renting homes they didn’t own. One is accused of taking thousands of dollars in payments and giving phony deeds in return.

Alfonso Carrillo, 50, and Rudy Breda, 53, are charged with multiple counts of theft, forgery and other crimes.

CBS4 first reported a couple weeks ago on a man in Aurora who found other people living in his home.

Carillo’s business involves real estate. It’s the paperwork that is being called into question. For instance a man agreed to buy a house in southwest Denver for $80,000. He put $8,000 of improvements into it then found out someone else really owned it.

CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger tried to get a comment from Carrillo as he entered court on Monday, but he refused to comment.

“These charges are alleging that he was scamming potential homebuyers by accepting money that they thought were down payments or rental payments for homes that he didn’t actually own or have control of,” Denver district attorney spokesperson Lynn Kimbrough said.

alfonso carrillo and rudy breda 2 Charged For Selling & Renting Out Homes They Didnt Own

Alfonso Carrillo and Rudy Breda (credit: Denver District Attorney's Office)

That includes a part of a duplex on West Nevada Place. Someone thought he bought it only to be forcibly evicted a few months later by the real owner.

Larry Asbery left his home to go into the hospital earlier this year. When he got out he found others living in his house. The man living there led Sallinger to Carrillo. His company is called America’s Home Retention Services. But when Sallinger arrived a couple weeks ago Carrillo had missed the appointment.

Breda is still at large.

Prosecutors are wondering if there could be more of Carrillo’s clients who they haven’t heard from yet.

The district attorney’s office says the alleged scheme appears to target Spanish speaking homebuyers. Some of them are undocumented and therefore afraid to deal with law enforcement officers.

Carrillo is now free on a $10,000.

Comments (2)
  1. ca says:

    I hope those men get charged for STEALING homes from people. Larry did not give
    his home away.It is sad that people like these two are allowed to do this.

  2. Pamela says:

    I know its horrible. The same thing happened to some neighbors a few years ago. They paid the rent and security deposit and and stayed for awhile paying the rent. Then low and behold they get the notice from county of the foreclosure sale of the home. They were in shock. But they moved out and I felt so sorry for them.

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