DENVER (CBS4) – Drivers had a tough time navigating the roads around the metro area on Saturday after overnight snow left several inches on the ground.

The snow will combine with bitterly cold temperatures overnight.

Plowing was challenging for drivers contracted to do parking lots, as well as county and state plows. Many said that they’ve been up since 3 a.m. and had to plow their assigned areas three to four times before the snow let up.

The snow also made for some challenging driving. Dan Fuentes swerved to avoid hitting cars when he slid off the road. He wound stuck until a good Samaritan pulled him out.

“I avoided hitting a couple of cars. To avoid getting in an accident I went to the curb,” Fuentes said.

“I think it’s the right thing to do. In this kind of weather if you see somebody in need you don’t want to leave them stranded out here,” the good Samaritan said.

One woman wound up facing oncoming traffic on Hampden after a slide.

“Just slipped one way and then another and just swerved and turned all the way around and faced traffic going the other way,” the woman said.

Some people braved the cold temperatures to get exercise while others got exercise whether they wanted to or not by clearing driveways and sidewalks — sometimes more than once.

Snow is income for private plows. Many drivers have landscaping or contracting businesses that keep them busy during warmer months. Snow can be a big part of business in the winter.

Quinton Frank from Aurora had been plowing since 5 a.m. Since the snow kept coming, he had to do a third pass to clear a parking area.

“When it’s snowing it gives a bunch of guys hours. You know we’ve got seven guys in trucks that are plowing,” Frank said.

The snow fell heavy as far south as Castle Rock.


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