DENVER (CBS4) – The Tim Tebow Foundation launched a fundraiser Tuesday in an effort to collect donations for the construction of a new children’s hospital in the Philippines.

The Broncos starting quarterback announced earlier this month that his foundation was teaming up with CURE International on the $3.1 million project. Organizers of the effort say they are looking to raise the remaining $700,000 needed to make the hospital a reality.

“Every Tim Tebow fan is encouraged to donate $1 each to help the foundation realize this goal,” the foundation wrote in a news release. “Donations can be made online at, and all donors will get receipts for their donations.”

Organizers said they are calling the fundraiser Dollar Day and hope to have the money raised in a very short time.

“Tim’s fans are always eager to get involved and to make a difference,” said Erik Dellenback, Executive Director of the Tim Tebow Foundation, in a prepared statement.

Tebow was born in the Philippines and his parents have worked as missionaries there. He says the nation “has always had a special place in my heart.”

Construction on the hospital is expected to begin in January. It will be located in Davao City in Mindanao.

There are currently 11 CURE International hospitals across the globe.

In addition to the Philippines hospital effort, the Tim Tebow Foundation works to build playrooms in children’s hospitals, called Timmy’s Playrooms. It also is involved in supporting orphans and helping children with life-threatening illnesses.

LINKS: The Tim Tebow Foundation | CURE International

Comments (11)
  1. Al says:

    Be skeptical. Religious people use trust to fleece others of their kind.

  2. Dave says:

    Really Man… go sling your mud somewhere else… you should be ashamed of yourself… you should listen to the Spanish proverb “Calladita se ve más bonita.” which in other words means keep your opinions to yourself because it makes you look stupid and rude. You should apologize for judging others.

    1. JusDav says:

      But Dave, Al has a valid point. Religion has always done that. It is really less of an opionon and more of a history of facts.
      I would give examples of greed, but that would, most likely, not influance your opinon. Probably due to the massive brain washing your church has done to you over the many years of your life.


      1. APOW says:

        JusDav… I like how you blame it on religion rather than the people. People are the greedy ones, not religion. And he is not being greedy, he is trying to help people. Maybe you should try doing it yourself and quit judging people on their beliefs.

      2. ElBrochacho says:

        I am so tired of you morons bashing people of faith. Catholics and Christians all over the world cloth, feed, educate, house and otherwise aid literally hundreds of millions of people every year. What have you done lately? Nothing? Sounds about right. I’m not particularly religious, but the hue and cry of the atheist reprobates is getting too loud to ignore. Besides that, JusDav, we are all very much impressed by how much smarter you are than everyone else, especially Christians. PS-It’s spelled ‘influence’. Nub.

  3. HP says:

    At least the majority of religious charities are using the money the right way, versus the taxation by the government used to fund “entitlement programs” that are misused and misappropriated at a high level.

    1. JusDav says:

      Well, HP. I cannot refute the second part of your statement. Yes, our government is corrupt, mishandles funds, misappropriates at a high level. But that was not the issue. Religious charities use their donated monies to further their cause. If it helps people, all the better. But if it does not further their cause, beliefs, increase the numbers of THEIR church, then they do not do it. But for the most part, religion is a waste of money. You can bet money that this hospital will be “the church of the whatever” as a title, filled with “their” people (drs. nurses, brainwashers, etc) If they used the money that they use to promote their religion and build the cathedrals, synagogues, temples, etc. etc. etc. for the betterment of mankind, we would not be having this discussion. But they waste more percentage of the money they get then our government does. Of course there is no way to prove it either way. But I suspect I am more correct than not.

  4. Timmy T says:

    I’m Tim Tebow. Please give 50 cents because I am building a mosque on Mars. Peace!

  5. John-David Curtis Feldman says:

    I donated $1 and he sent me back a letter and it looks like his real signature on it. If its not real its a really high quality auto signer.

  6. Tiny Tim says:


  7. games land says:

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