DENVER (CBS4) – All over the U.S. more parents are opting out of vaccinations for their children and Colorado has one of the highest rates of exemptions in the country.

According to a The Associated Press analysis, more than half of all states have seen a rise in the rate of exemptions over the past 5 years. Colorado had the second highest rate at 7 percent — second only to Alaska at 9 percent.

Reasons for skipping the shots vary. Some parents don’t think the vaccines are essential and others worry about health risks.

Some of the doctors surveyed are concerned that the decrease in vaccines could actually be a health risk to the public.

Comments (2)
  1. Henkv says:

    Why bother following the rules that say kids need to be vaccinated if uncle tax payer picks up the tab when your child gets sick, and better yet, you maybe get to sue somebody.

  2. Merle says:

    Maybe the ones who refuse the flu shots [including me…age 73 ] have read what is on these 2 sites : and http://www.natural Lots of information on a lot of subjects on these sites.

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