AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Larry Asbery, 58, was hospitalized for liver problems. He almost died while he was in the hospital after his kidneys also failed.

“They told them I was going to kick the bucket,” Asbery said. “But I fooled them.”

He eventually got better and returned to his home on 1769 Hanover Street in Aurora only to find strangers living inside, claiming they have legally rented it. Now, he’s unable to live in his home and lives with his daughter.

While he was hospitalized his family, still not sure whether or not he would make it, moved some his furniture and belongings to his daughter’s home and a storage room. A few furnishings remain at his Hanover Street house.

Asbery holds dear memories of his home. He points out his family’s handprints and initials on his sidewalk when they moved in 16 years ago.

“It’s been a challenge,” Asbery said.

A person inside the house told CBS4 a man named Jorge was in charge of renting out the house. As soon as Jorge stepped out of the house next door and saw CBS4 he turned back inside and shut the door. After approaching his door and calling that house’s phone number, he declined to comment.

“This is what I run into all the time,” Asbery said. “I can’t get anywhere.”

Asbery and Hanover Street neighbors have contacted Aurora police numerous times, but were told there was nothing the department can do, saying it’s a civil matter.

“The police officer told me with my paperwork, it’s my house, but I am not allowed to go in there because they are occupying the house at the time,” Asbery said.

A lady who was visiting the house next door told CBS4 she understood the home belongs to a woman named Selena.

“As far as I know, she lives in Nebraska. She owns this house,” she said.

larry asbery Man Returns From Hospital To Find His House Stolen

Larry Asbery talks with CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger (credit: CBS)

After calling Selena, she referred CBS4 to a man named Alfonso Carrillo, whose business is listed as America’s Home Retention Services in Lakewood. According to Ken Barrows, attorney for Colorado Legal Services representing Asbery, the people living in Asbery’s home say they had signed a lease with a realtor from Carrillo’s business. Both CBS4 and Barrows have been unable to obtain a copy of that lease.

“The lease is completely invalid,” Barrows said. “The one making the lease had no authority to do so because Mr. Asbery still owns the home.”

CBS4 made an appointment to meet with Carrillo at his office, but he didn’t show up. A sign outside his door stated he was gone for the holidays. By phone he told CBS4 he had no comment and has hired an attorney.

“I need to get moved back into my house, get my cat, get things settled in and stuff like that. And this is killing me,” Asbery said.

Records show Asbery still owns the house. CBS4 verified with Adams County authorities that all paperwork that was examined indicate Asbery is the rightful owner.

“Colorado law is pretty clear that the people in his home have no right to stay in that home,” Barrows said.

The next step for Asbery appears to be going to court to obtain an order for eviction.

“To have to drag it through court and all this other stuff, it’s stupid,” Asbery said. “It’s a waste of time,”

– Written by Young Kim for

Comments (21)
  1. Al says:

    wonderful laws,If you are legal stay bent over and get the hose

  2. smallblocks says:

    Get a copy of Guns and Ammo and pick the biggest weapon you can hold on to and knock on the door. End of story.

  3. smallblocks says:

    The cops are useless as usual. These people are trespassing plain and simple and for the cops to say you can’t go into the house is incorrect. They’re just too spineless to do the job.

    1. snuffalupugus says:

      Apparently about as spineless as you

  4. Gwen Craig says:

    How about a bunch of us get together and move these people. Mr. Asbery, name the time and day. I’ll be there.

  5. gd says:

    how insane! he is the LEGAL owner and has the proof; all he should have to do is show up w/the deed and the sheriff and move those tenants out. Its not their fault either but they have no legal right to be in the house and the lease is invalid so they should be immediately asked to leave if not go willingly then forced out with only 24-48 hours notice. end of story.

  6. Linda says:

    How the heck did his family allow this to happen ? Why did they move any of his furniture & belongings out of his house ? The cops should be banging on the neighbors door and finding out what the neighbor had to do with all this. And the people living in his house should be banging on the neighbors door too, obviously this is a sham renting that so many people fall for. This man needs to get his house back now.

    1. ca says:

      Not all of his family is allowing this.It is a shame. Those people who moved in why did they not check at the deeds office to see who OWNED the house, Larry is a sweet person who has not hate in his heart he only wants his home back!!!!
      As for the cost that that women says she put in the house get it from the ones who took her money, Alfonso Carrillo & Rudy Breda. and move out of HIS home

  7. beKah says:

    There’s something consistent that keeps popping up in this story: Jorge, Selena, Alfonso. See the connection? This is a scam, and it might run deeper than just one homeowner. People avoid the press when they have something to hide. Keep on this, 4 — you might be on to something here.

    1. susana says:

      You are right beKah,sounds like it’s time to shut this new “illegal” scam down…bring it on Jorge, Selena,and Alfonso…cameras don’t lie,right?

  8. Faycless says:

    How utterly disgusting…

  9. Doc says:

    We have a home in Winter Park that is embroiled with the same individual Alphonso Carrillo. I would love to help give some more details as there is a current investigation by the Grand County Sheriffs department pending.

    1. Leo Piechocki says:

      Doc, please give me a call. Leo Piechocki, Grand County Sheriff’s Department. 970-725-3343

  10. Ashley says:

    Doc, clarify this for me. If your the homeowner and trespassing is illegal, why can’t they be removed? The civil issue is between the renters and Mr. Alfonso. Not, you and the renters. You have no contract with them. From your side of things, they are trespassing on your property. That law can’t be enforced?

  11. Martin Felix says:

    On top of being victimized by these criminals who are in his house, he will be victimized by the legal system which wants its tribute.

  12. Shalee says:

    If I rented a house and found out I shouldn’t be there I’d be packing immediately. Also, the renters should be filing suit against who ever took their money!

  13. Justice4Once says:

    Alphonzo’s listed as a real estate agent on another site, with his email address listed:

  14. David Wamsley says:

    Hey Aurora PD, ever hear of breaking and entering, conspericey to defraud. Unlawfull entry I can think of other charges given time.
    Contact the state board of realitors to have the company who signed the lease investigated for other scams defrauding the elderly.

  15. NeedAnNewEditor says:

    “As soon as Jorge stepped out of the house next door and saw CBS4 he turned back inside and shut the door. After approaching his door and calling that house’s phone number, he declined to comment.”

    So…Jorge stepped out of the house, saw the news crew, went back inside, shut the door, approached the door, called his own phone number, and then declined to comment? And did “the lady visiting the house next door” call Selena, or did the CBS4 crew? If your English skills are really that poor, get a proofreader, you’re making your entire organization look like a bunch of hacks.

  16. Timothy Callahan says:

    This is a popular squatter trend, I’ve heard of it before. File enough circular paperwork, and the cops will hand it up the line. They have people in various states, on vacation, difficult to find… the guy with the office probably DOES do this for a living. There was a guy in MT last year that filed a new deed with the county on a vacation home, sold it, and disappeared with the money by the time the proper owner showed up. Empty houses in Arizona draw scams like flies. These folks are fully aware of their place in this. My guess is, once enough lawyers are involved, they will evaporate, and probably trash the place on the way out.

  17. jo says:

    I know Larry and I grew up across the street from him. The police do nothing, the mortgage company does nothing – it is frustrating! The people who claim to be the “owners” live next door – they KNOW the deal and everyone continues to occupy the property. I do believe it is about time to OCCUPY LARRY’s HOUSE – if you want to join in send me your email. Enough of us……. I’m guessing the police and mortgage company and LOW LIFE’S RUNNING THE SCAM will take notice…… How is this weekend looking? Sat morning? By the way – Libby Smith at News 4 THANK YOU for taking interest and reporting this mess.

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