DENVER (CBS4) – The staff at went shopping to compare prices at Walmart versus Amazon’s website. was founded by a man who says, very simply, he is cheap; and he wants to find deals. So Max Levitte and his staff are always shopping, looking for the best products at the lowest prices. So online versus bricks and mortar seemed like a perfect comparison right before Black Friday.

Most people assume online has the best deals. Even the folks at had that same holiday hypothesis.

“Initially we thought everyone said shop online, shop online, it’s going to be much cheaper,” Levitte said.

They compared prices on electronics, toys, home goods, clothing, and athletic gear. When they compared the brand-for-brand and the exact same items, here’s what they found.

“Among the 16 identical products we found it was slightly cheaper at Amazon, but only 3.5 percent cheaper,” Levitte said.

But when they shopped for similar items, but not identical items, Walmart beat online prices with a few exceptions.

“Videos and books and DVDs and games. Another benefit of Amazon is that you can preorder.”

Still, price points aside, shoppers seem to have their own personal preferences. lists the prices of each item they compared and has overall rankings in a variety of categories.



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