DEER TRAIL, Colo. (CBS4) – A mother rescued her son from their burning home Monday night and the 8-year-old boy is still in the hospital.

The fire broke out just after 10:30 p.m. in a mobile home in Deer Trail just off Interstate 70.

Firefighters did what they could to save the mobile home but the blaze spread quickly before everyone got out.

“She said it just happened so quickly,” neighbor Tina Dix said.

Dix said the burned home is owned by a single mother who risked her own life to save her trapped son.

“She couldn’t get through the hallway to get to the boy that was burning. She had to go out the back way and came around the front and break in the door to get him out and by then he was so badly burned,” Dix said

CBS4 was asked not to identify the mother, who is very upset. Dix learned details of the rescue from the mother’s sister.

It’s still early in the investigation but a faulty furnace wire may be to blame, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

The blaze was fought by the Deer Trail Fire Department. The heat from the flames damaged three nearby vehicles. The mobile home appears to be a total loss.

The boy’s name and his condition are not being made public.

Just a couple blocks from the fire scene an AirLife helicopter made an unplanned landing in Deer Trail. A company spokesperson told CBS4 the chopper was on the way to an unspecified call when a check engine light came on.

AirLife won’t comment on whether its crews were involved in transporting the 8-year-old burn victim to the hospital, but Dix said the child was transported by ambulance to another town and airlifted to the hospital.


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