DPD Officer Under Investigation For ‘Double Dipping’

Written by Brian Maass
DENVER (CBS4) – A female Denver police officer is being investigated for writing traffic tickets during her regular shift, then passing them off as having been written after her shift was over when she was being paid time-and-a-half for writing tickets under the auspices of a lucrative traffic grant.

CBS4 is not identifying the 53-year-old officer since she has not been disciplined and is only under investigation at this point. She has been with the Denver Police Department since 2005.

But multiple sources familiar with the case say the officer was working in District 5 in Northeast Denver. After her regular work shift was complete, she would then begin a second shift, being paid time-and-a-half to write tickets and conduct traffic enforcement as part of the special city grant. But instead of working on the grant, multiple sources say the officer apparently left work and went home, but took tickets she had written during her normal DPD shift and passed those off as citations she had written during her grant shift, allowing her to essentially get paid twice for writing the same tickets.

Lt. Matt Murray, a department spokesman, declined to offer additional information on the probe.

“We won’t comment on an IAB case,” Murray said. “I am aware she is the subject officer of an internal affairs investigation. It is complete and under review by her command.”

Murray also acknowledged the officer was transferred to Denver International Airport during the internal affairs investigation.

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  • denverbusinessman

    “Murray also acknowledged the officer was transferred to Denver International Airport during the internal affairs investigation.”

    Where ‘bad’ cops go when their career is in the toilet and they’ve been ‘saved’ by the DPD brass rather than being summarily terminated… which would always occur in the private sector.

    Almost NEVER happens at DPD!

  • joeschmoe


  • Moabwilly

    DIA is a cushy place to assigned, most of the Officers working there are boot-lickers. You should investigate the overtime money made there, that would be a scandal…

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