Written by Brian Maass
DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Manager of Safety Alex Martinez wants a review of the Denver police take-home car policy. His announcement came just days after a CBS4 investigation raised questions about the need for many of the Denver Police Department’s unmarked, take-home cars.

“On my first day as manager of the Department of Safety, deputy manager Mel Thompson recommended a review of the police take-home vehicle policy after the new chief is in place,” Martinez said. “I agree with his recommendation and will ask Chief White to evaluate the policy sometime next year.”

Following 2 months of investigation, a CBS4 investigation last Friday showed how many commanders with take-home cars are never really called out for emergency situations, which is the express reason the cars are provided to the commanders. The broadcast showed many administrative lieutenants have been given cars but don’t respond to after-hours call outs.

Lt. Vince Porter, an administrative aide, put about 14,000 miles on his department take-home car in 2010. But the department says it has no records showing Porter was ever called at home to respond to an emergency in 2010 or 2011.

For another six lieutenants with take-home cars, the department acknowledged there were no records showing any of them had responded to an emergency from home in either 2010 or 2011.

The investigation also found many commanders fueling up with city gas and racking up thousands of miles on their city cars when they were on vacation. DPD says the commanders have to be prepared — even on vacation — to be called out.

Earlier this year another CBS4 investigation showed how the division chief overseeing research and technology was commuting in a take-home car from her home in Elizabeth, nearly 40 miles from Denver, even though the lengthy commute violated numerous city rules which prohibit commuting in a city car by any employee living more than 25 miles from Denver.

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Comments (2)
  1. denverbusinessman says:

    Please tell me what’s wrong with the policy of having a DPD officer drive his/her vehicle home to their house, usually out of the City of Denver, fuel up on their own dime, pay for their own insurance and maintenance, like the way virtually all workers do. And in the event of their being called-out for an emergency, which is a very extreme rarity… use their own vehicle and then bill the City for reimbursement for their mileage driven… for that ONE event! The City is looking the other way when the vehicles are abused, fuel is gulped and mileage is tacked on to places like Frederick, Bailey, Parker, and other far away NON-DENVER homes! This PERK is totally absurd.

  2. Fraudcop says:

    It would be interesting to see how many take home vehicles city administration has. Like for the mayor, manager of safety, manager of this, manager of that..
    People who have absolutely NO REASON to have been issued a city vehicle.
    This from the city web ssite of fleet maiintenance:
    “In 2001, the agency bought a fleet of 39 Toyota Prius hybrid-electric vehicles. At that time, Denver’s hybrid fleet was thought to be the largest municipal hybrid fleet in the world. In 2005, the agency secured three hybrid Ford Escapes, which were among the first hybrid-electric SUVs in Colorado.”

    Soi! who is driving these vehicles on the city’s dime? It sure is not the police. And I am sure that the city is still not driving these 10 year old cars.

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