Black Friday Bargain Bonanza Hits Backlash

Written by Brooke Wagner

How early is too early to start the Black Friday dash? Stores are opening as early as 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving night (Toys R Us).

Sears and KMart will be opening Thanksgiving Day, with special deals.

While some shoppers are grateful for the deals, others are not pleased with what they view as pressure to shop on a holiday.

Here are some thoughts from CBS4 Facebook fans:

Doreen writes, “Gee, why don’t they start on Easter or 4th of July? I’m tired of being “propelled” through holidays!”

From Diana: “I think it’s ridiculous and before we know it, stores will be open all day (Thanksgiving). Do these stores think nothing of their employees!? The only way to change this trend is for the consumer to not partake in their black Friday teases. wait until Friday, people… please.”

Daniel writes, “I buy my Christmas gifts early anyway to beat the rush of crowds usually online. However, I think it eats into the spirit of Thanksgiving.”

And Steve says, “Another holiday that has been tossed to the side thanks to commercialization and corporate greed. Sad.”

You get the idea. We received no comments in support of the earlier hours.

Jon Vincent of says he’s heard the same from his followers. He says we’ll just have to way and see how the earlier hours work out for stores, and if the crowds show. Take a look at the video clips to hear more about what he has to say about the early hours trend. Anecdotally, I can say I’ve heard several people say they get bored on Thanksgiving and will probably end up checking out a few stores just to get out for a while.

Jon Vincent, the founder of, talks about stores getting backlash about opening early for Black Friday. Watch the video below:

We also had several viewers write that they do their shopping early, so they’re not stressed out and driven to the rush. I’m in that category, I admit. I love the feeling of knowing I’m done! Just be careful shopping ahead for kids – they so often change their minds at the last minute!

For those who are ready to shop early and often, Vincent says the best deals this year are in electronics; specifically, televisions. In our interview, he cited Walmart and Target as well as Best Buy for big TV deals. You can check out their ads on Just click on the logo for the store you want to preview.

Jon Vincent, the founder of, talks about the hottest Black Friday deals being in electronics. Watch the video below:

One interesting note – Vincent pointed out, there is a certain camaraderie between those standing in line for Black Friday door busters. He says the key is to “be happy” and lighthearted in the cue.

Another great tip from Vincent; Do your Black Friday online. Many, many stores will offer the very same deals on their websites, often with free or discounted shipping, so you can go at your own pace. As you preview Black Friday ads, if there’s nothing that “wows” you, remember that stores will continue to offer good deals in the month before Christmas. The key is to decide if there’s something you can’t get at any other time for the offered price – and then, decide if it’s worth your time and effort.

Jon Vincent, the founder of, talks about getting the most out of your trip if you brave the crowds. Watch the video below:

By the way, if you’re interested in shopping for GREEN bargains, here’s something for your calendar: the Denver Public Library’s Holiday Used Book Sale December 8th through the 10th. It’s at the Central Library, 10 W. 14th Avenue Parkway, inside the B2 conference center, and will feature more than 30 thousand books of all genres, including children’s and cookbooks. Prices start at $1. All proceeds benefit the Denver Public Library.

Sale Schedule:
Thursday, December 8: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday, December 9: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday, December 10: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Trade paperbacks: $2
DVDs: $2
CDs: $1

Happy Thanksgiving! Feel free to comment with your feelings on Black Friday trends and if you turn out for the Friday shopping rush and why – or why not.

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– In her Brooke’s Bargains blog Brooke Wagner writes about finding bargains and saving money for her family. She calls it one of her favorite hobbies. Blog entries cover everything from the latest steals, deals, and freebies to cheap family activities, saving for college, and what to buy right now.

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  2. John5 says:

    This thread has great information on shopping. A friend of mine told me about this cool app that allows you to get instant feedback from your Facebook friends on whether you should buy something or not (for themselves or as a gift). Here’s the link – I think the app is coming out around Black Friday but you can sign up now:

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