LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– Police in Lakewood have named three people and the potential charges they face in connection with a deadly crash that killed two teenagers in Wheat Ridge.

Police said the charges stem from an investigation into a party that happened the same night as the crash. Police believe they bought and provided alcohol to several teenagers. Two of those teens later died in a crash.

The party happened on Nov. 5 at an apartment in the 6600 block of W. 13th Ave. The deadly crash happened early Nov. 6 at 28th and Oak in Wheat Ridge and was investigated by police in Wheat Ridge.

“Given the same exact circumstances had that accident occured in the City of Lakewood, I don’t see any additional criminal charges simply because the driver is dead,” said Lakewood Police spokesman Steve Davis.

Because the party was in Lakewood and the crash in Wheat Ridge, police in Lakewood concentrated only on the investigation into the party and where the teens may have consumed alcohol.

Jerry G. Sanchez, 18, lives at the apartment and faces possible charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and underage possession of alcohol.

Julius Suarez, 26, and Tisha M. Blan, 22, both face charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and procuring alcohol for a minor.

Sanchez, Suarea and Blan were not taken into custody but booked and released on suspicion of and pending those charges. The final report will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office as to which charges will be filed.

Rain Walsh, 17, and Tyler Lovell, 18 died in the crash. Two others were critically injured.

Comments (4)
  1. jake says:

    as horrible as this is…don’t be a snitch. all the people interviewed should have said nothing to police. it was wrong to provide alcohol to minors but it is just as wrong for any of the kids who drank they alcohol they knew they were illegally consuming. they took the same assumption of risk by being involved in the party as the two who provided the alcohol and should not be hypocrites as soon as they have to face consequences. don’t be willing to take part in illegal activity and then when you get caught rat out the people who helped you. you’re no better than they are.

  2. Karen says:

    I WISH they would display the wrecked SUV in front of Wheat Ridge High School and Lakewood High School (and maybe a few other schools) just to send the message. This is what can happen when you drink and drive.

  3. Angry Parent says:

    Don’t be snitch? I would like to see the 3 charged with accessory to manslaughter if there is such a charge. Those 3 “friends” of the deceased thought they would be cool and supply their friends with illeagal alchohol and then allow them to drive. They are ABSOLUTELY responsible for their friends drunken state. They supplied the booze. This is why there is a legal drinking age! I remember driving drunk when I was a teenager and looking back, what the H#$L was I thinking! I didn’t have sense enough to make an intellegent decision at that age. Charged with “contributing to the deliquency” will end up being a badge of honor to these kids, not a deterent.

  4. Miranda Mares says:

    manslaughter? are you serious? everyone knows that you don’t drink and drive. no one forced them to get in the car and no one held a beer up to there mouths. neither of the 2 that died are baby’s they should have been smart enough to take a cab or even call their parents to come get them. it is their fault they drank and it is their fault that they drove. the 3 should not have to take the blame for someone else’s decision. it is the drivers fault they died NOT the other 3.

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