DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Broncos punter Britton Colquitt comes from a long line of punters. He was the guest on CBS4’s Xfinity Monday Live! and talked about his punting family with CBS4’s Vic Lombardi.

“There are four of us. My dad, he punted at Tennessee and then went on to Pittsburgh and won a few Super Bowl rings. My cousin Jimmy punted at Tennessee; and then Dustin, my brother; and then myself,” Colquitt said.

Dustin Colquitt punts for the Kansas City Chiefs and Britton approached him after the game to gloat a little about the Broncos’ 17-10 win.

“But then he’s gloating that his numbers edged mine out,” Britton said.

Dustin joined his brother on the show by phone from Kansas City.

“What matters is field position-wise; he got us. It’s one of those things where the offense moved the ball well yesterday,” Dustin said. “Everybody says Tim Tebow can’t beat you with his arm but yesterday he proved more people wrong … numbers aren’t everything, as you know … we going to have to try to get back to our game plan and beat them in Denver now.”

Britton had three punts land inside the 20 yard line and just stop.

“I don’t always do that. In fact I’m frustrated all the time in practice because a lot of times they will hit and go into the end zone,” Britton said. “So I hate to give the secret away and say it’s just luck. You just hope that it bounces up or backwards or toward us or they fair catch it.”

Britton credits his brother on helping him become a good punter.

“Everything about punting I pretty much learned from him; obviously Dad taught us the basics when we were younger. But with Dustin going through it at the same time as me and a little bit before, I’ve learned so much, especially NFL. He taught me a lot of things and it’s just an honor to be out there watching him punt.

“He was telling me last night that it stresses him out watching me punt because he wants me to do well and I feel the same way. I don’t stress as much because I know how good he his.”

Lombardi asked Dustin how the Chiefs reacted in the locker room after the loss.

“That’s the hardest part about losing, you know, the week after the loss. You take those hard because the mood of your coaching staff and your organization is a defeated kind of thing. But obviously we’ve got to pick ourselves up. We did that today and got back to business.”

Britton jokingly asked Dustin what it is like to have a little brother that’s “cooler” than him.

“When we beat you in Denver I’m going to call you and have you on a radio show in Kansas City,” Dustin replied to laughs.

Watch more of the video with Colquitt in the Xfinity Monday Live! section.


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