DENVER (CBS4) – For the second day in a row there has been a confrontation with police at the Occupy Denver protest at Civic Center Park. As of 6 p.m. Sunday three people had been arrested.

Two police officers were injured in the skirmishes with protesters. A Colorado State Patrol trooper was hit in the head. Another officer, possible from Denver police, suffered a knee injury of some sort.

“We have two that are hurt. A State Patrol officer was hit in the head and he suffered injuries. We have another officer who has a twisted knee at this point,” Sonny Jackson with Denver police said. “It’s getting to become more and more of a dangerous situation.”

A third officer was possibly injured as well.

Jackson said the officer who was hit in the head was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

At one point there were about 150 protesters. At issue was the tables and belongings that protesters set up on the sidewalk in the park.

There was one skirmish around 4 p.m. Protesters were outraged when Denver police came in and removed a table with food. Police say the tables on the sidewalk create a public safety hazard. Protesters say they are only trying to feed the homeless.

“No one claimed the table so officers took the table, put it in a car. The officer tried to drive away but somebody got in front of the car. Officers said, ‘Would you move?’ The individual chose not to move,” Jackson said. “They got in front of the car and began rocking the car; they were going to tip her car over. She called for help and officers responded so we could get her car out of the crowd.”

When police moved the car they were holding up red canisters described by police to CBS4’s Howard Nathan as pepper spray. No pepper spray at that point was sprayed. The crowd continued to grow increasingly angry and taunted the police.

“This morning we were told that we could have a food table,” protester Jeannie Hartley said. “They just came in and took the food table. This proves the point that I said to you earlier. The game has changed. They’re simply just trying to stop this movement. It doesn’t have anything to do with just cleaning out a park.”

There was another skirmish around 4:45 p.m. where a man who had been arrested in October was arrested again. Police pulled out and began using pepper spray on about 12 protesters who refused to disperse.

After the first skirmish a member of Occupy Denver went over to some other protesters and told them they need to have the movement be non-violent.

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  1. Al says:

    George Orwell got it right, didn’t he?? On both national and local levels.

  2. Lat0505 says:

    Adding fuel to the fire……… Goodness……

  3. Remove Occupy Trash says:

    These government teat suckers are too blind to see that they are the reason the USA is bankrupt.

    These idiots are among the 47% of non-federal tax payers.

    Somehow or another these math-challenged trashpots think that they’re among the 99% of taxpayers left over when you take the top 1% aside as scapegoats for the problems caused by the gullibility of those who sold their votes for the promises of irresponsible politicians.

    Remember, people: Obama just said these are “his people” and fully endorsed the protests.

    1. sean says:

      You are a fool a lot of these people that you speak up own small bussiness that are dying because of the tazes they have too pay, WE DO NOT ENDORSE OBAMA, we are not like the tea party who claimes that they were trying to “better america” but in the end have proven that there only agenda was to reelect the same group of fools that helped contribute to this mess, yeah the right wing has never done anything wrong, at least we fight back the tea party neo-cons notice how you never got peppersprayed even when you spit on black senators, its because you are movment that was created by the elite, you are servants, slaves, you are not free thinkers because you do whatever you party or news station(foxnews) tells you, most of these people pay there taxes or paid there taxes when they had a job, a lot of these people work but like many have had there hours cut because of the recession, people likle you, you will never come down and see for yourself all we are protesting a lot of the same things you said you were protesting but were actually really doing something about it, lastly you guys say yoiu like small government yet every time the republicans dominate the house the government actually grows, just look at the super commitee tea party freshman pushed that commitee, the truths is you dont care about freedom or other peoples rights you only care about you own, you dont respect other values, or moral, only your own, which usually are fake and hateful, one more things even reagan said”no loopholes for millionares” what is so wrong with taking money out of politics, making people pay there fare share, REALLY SHRINKING GOVERNMENT NOT PRETENDING, AND LASTLY BRING OUR JOBS BACK, WHICH IS SOMETHING THAT BOTH PARTIES HAVE FAILED TO DO, SO GET OVER YOURSELF AND DO SOME RESEARCH, I WAS THERE NO ONE HIT THE COPS IN FACT TWO BIG COPS BEAT UP AN UNARMED WOMEN FINE YOU DONT HAVE TO SUPPORT US OR OUR POLITICS BUT AT THE VERY LEAST IF YOU LOVE YOUR FIRST AMMENDMENT RIGHT THEN YOU SHOULD AT LEAST BE AGAINST WHAT THE COPS ARE DOING AND TRUST ME THEY’RE NOT OBEYING THE CONSTITUTION AND IF YOU LOVE THAT RIGHT THEN YOU SHOULD BE AGAINST WHAT THERE DOING.

      1. sean says:

        If all you read is my typos then you are as blind as I though you were I type fast sorry..

      2. Get a Dictionary Seanadrre says:

        Give me a break – these losers, just like sean are puppets for the socialist movement in the US. These losers will fail.

  4. Mike Lammens says:

    I think these people have some legitimate gripes, but it depends on who you talk to as to what they are. Some are pure anarchists, but others out there have a clear understanding of how our government works (or doesn’t work) and are very articulate. Unfortunately, it is the in-articulate ones who are the loudest and that’s what you hear on TV and other media.

    The Occupy movement is not about abolishing capitalism, but about making it honest and fair for ALL the players, not just the wealthy, the elected officials and greedy corporate executives.

    They need a spokesperson and to evolve beyond the tents in the parks. Time to state a purpose…a clear, measurable objedtive.

  5. Pamela says:

    This story is outrageous. The police car was not rocked, tipped, or touched! That’s just completely made up. I have video of the event I’ll post on youtube that will corroborate. Also, a minor detail, but they didn’t ever ask anyone to claim the table. They just came in and grabbed it and carried it away. A police officer was asked, before that table was put up, if a food table was allowed. The laws apparently change from moment to moment. The video will also show the police very clearly shoving a woman to the ground. I also showed this anchor video from last night of a police officer assaulting the woman beside me, but he didn’t think it was clear enough. I’ve witnessed a trend of police officers attacking women. I don’t know why the news doesn’t show more video of what was actually going on. Thank god for youtube.

  6. Occupy People Are Trash says:

    These losers have been breaking the law since day 1. No permits, selling drugs, drug use, defecating and urinating in public, the list goes on.

    I drove by yesterday and there was a visibly intoxicated man without a shirt on defecating in the street in plain view of every passerby. Real winners.

    Hickenlooper has failed the citizens of Denver.

  7. denvervet says:

    I am just glad people are protesting again, it made a lot of changes in the 60’s and stopped a war…. I am not sure there is a way to protest which will satisfy everyone. I noticed while driving by last week that the protest crowd has grown again, it had whittled down a bit weeks before. I am not sure why Colleges and Universities are not protesting unless they are too busy with earphones in their ears while texting someone. Unfortunately texting about it won’t help problems kids, actually leave your home and go outside and protest, now there’s a concept. Oh, take the earphones out, you may actually learn something.

  8. Occupy People are Losers says:

    Great examples of some of the the headlines that surround these losers:

    Woman Raped at Occupy Philadelphia:

    Man Shot To Death At Occupy Oakland

    Man Arrested for Breaking EMT’s Leg at Occupy Wall Street

    Occupy Protesters Spatter Blood, Urine on Food Carts After Vendors Stop Free Service

    ‘Occupy D.C.’ Push Elderly Woman Down the Stairs

    3 Charged With Dealing Crack; Occupy Boston

    Woman charged with pimping teen recruited at Occupy NH rally

    Occupy Denver: Protester Pushes Police Motorcycle Over:

    and the best representation of these losers:

  9. CarlWeil says:

    this is just riot for riot sake
    I would be different if these protesters had a plan and were working for it.

    pull up your pants and work with in the system of go to cuba or some where out of the USA where you willing to just be in prison without the opportunity to make changes through allowed civil work
    or just become a responsible citizen and get a job

  10. jas b says:

    okay, I took my children to one tea party rally, no profanity, no nudity, no one deficating or urinating in public! No chanc of violience. I would love for them to see American’s standing up for what is right, unfortunately taking them down town now is out of the question because of the ludiness of ( a few or many? If you have something to say, say it don’t act like animals then get bent out of shape when your treat like such.

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