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Boulder May Put Brakes On Speeding Cyclists

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Bicyclists in Boulder may have to watch how fast they coast. The City Council is considering an 8 mph speed limit for cyclists in certain locations.

The council will consider the speed limit proposal at next week’s meeting. In the meantime, the ordinance has some cyclists pedaling their opposition.

“The biking community wants to have consistent laws around the state. People travel from city to city every day,” said Bicycle Colorado Executive Director Dan Grunig.

Grunig has been hearing mutterings of a bike speed limit in Boulder for a few months. The speed limit would only apply when cyclists are pedaling through a crosswalk.

Grunig believes if that ordinance is approved, the law could do more harm than good.

“The problem with an 8 mph speed limit is that it blames the victim if they are hit in the crosswalk. Now, if a cyclist is hit in a safety crosswalk they have to prove they were going under 8 mph and that’s not possible,” said Grunig.

“It just seems kind of like a silly rule, honestly. I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do. If they don’t have to do it, then we probably shouldn’t have to do it either,” said cyclist Aaron Barcheck.

Some cyclists feel the 8 mph limit is too slow. Others said they would support the speed limit, including one man who was hit by another cyclist.

“I don’t have a problem with that,” said cyclist Larry Ardito. “Sometimes people just don’t slow down or obey the signs.”

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  • Jon

    I’m sorry, but that’s insane. The last thing we need are more rules like this… and to protect what?

    • rashid

      cyclist need to obey laws. And ride single file, which will cause them to give up the chit chat.

    • SilentNoMore

      Oh I don’t know… pedestrians maybe?

      • Tinker Bar

        “Cyclists don’t come to a complete stop unless absolutely needed because it takes a lot of effort to get going again once a rider comes to a complete stop.”


      • captain pickles

        Rob: Hello – How dense can you be. How about pedestrians being injured. I was struck by a bicyclist while in a cross walk. He blew through a stop sign and was looking for cars instead of pedsetrians. He cursed at me and rode off. I tore my rotator cuff and needed surgery. There’s no reason to go over 8 mph through a short distance like a cross walk – be it bike or auto.

      • James D

        Captain Pickles, it bears noting that if, as you say, the cyclist that hit you “blew through a stop sign,” then the speed limit was irrelevant. He did not obey the traffic signs that were already there, and had he followed the sign and stopped, there would have been no accident. Do you really think that if he’s blowing through stop signs he’s also going to be watching his speed as he does so?

        Obviously this law is completely idiotic. Why do people constantly want to heap more and more rules on, when there are plenty of rules in place already and the real issue is that people disobey them, or that some issues will arise no matter how many rules are in place? You can’t solve everything with legislation, but you can make a place unlivable bit by bit.

        Pretty soon we’ll need a permit just to walk out our front door every morning.

      • Marquis28

        I weigh over 250 and routinely clip along at about 17mph. If I can, I will buzz through lights and stop signs but I am always aware of pedestrians and vehicles. My injuries have been strictly via mountain bike off the road.

        I am very alert while on the streets as any pot-hole, inattentive driver or extended mirror can compromise a good day.

      • Rob

        When was the last time a pedestrian was killed by a bicyclist? Most people can run more than 8 mph and frankly i weigh 180 lbs and mike bike ways 18.4 lbs bringing my mass to 198.4 lbs, are they going to give a ticket to people running over 8 mph?

      • Lance Armstrong

        A pedestrian was killed by a cyclist on September 30th, 2010 in Dallas. It’s a pretty rare occurance though.

      • Tinker Bar

        @marquis28 – I appreciate your honesty, but sorry, with the statement “I will buzz through lights and stop signs”, you’ve illustrated exactly why bikes shouldn’t be on the road to begin with.

      • RJ

        @Marquis28 If you were “whizzing” along and ran a stop light and got under my cars tires, or if I saw it happen, I would tell all the police it was an attempted suicide. I mean, why ELSE would someone knowingly blow through a red light and play frogger across traffic against cars?

        You’re an idiot, Marquis28, and need to stop acting so selfishly. Yes, SELFISH. Riding a bicycle doesn’t make you a good person – leaving a trail of bad karma behind you makes you a BAD person. Understand?

      • paul

        Cyclists don’t come to a complete stop unless absolutely needed because it takes a lot of effort to get going again once a rider comes to a complete stop. I rarely ride a bike, but never see a reason to complain when riders blow through stops as long as they are using good judgement. Bunch of control freaks out there. Those that dress like slender circus clowns that ride in the middle of the road are annoying however.

    • guardianbynature

      What next? A 3 mile an hour speed limit for joggers? Just think how many children could be saved. This is pure rubbish.

      • Chris

        Democrats to the rescue!

      • statesrule

        Baby Strollers should pick up the pace. Getting behind one is sure to cause road rash.

    • jumper74

      Some people are less physically able to get out of the way of bikes traveling on sidewalks and on the streets thru crosswalks, e.g, people with back injuries, or replacement hips, etc. Folks who ride bikes think it is a two-way street and everyone should avoid them too, but they should do the avoiding just as a car avoids people and bikes.

      • Hal McCombs

        Those bike riders are a bunch of ‘holier-than-thou’ dirtbags who think they don’t have to obey any rules. Including the rules that nature has put down. Like the one that says “if you’re hit by a car, you’ll die”.

        They always act like having the right-of-way insulates you from the laws of physics. I think “I had the right-of-way” would look great on a tombstone.

    • ZudZ

      Jon – Get a clue. You are obviously just another bike nazi. Bicyclists are the number one transportation in Boulder and Boulder County. You guys think you own the road. I love the way they show a photo of bicyclists (not bikers) riding single file in the bike lane. Like that ever happens.

      • ZudZ

        That should have read “number one transportation HAZARD in Boulder and Boulder County.” Editing error.

  • denvervet

    They better have signage all over the place for speed limits for bikes or the law will never stick. It will cost more to put up signage than the law will be worth. This city is really way out there.

  • Mik

    its non-sense and all about more collections of revenue for Blouder which is all that city does effectively.

  • Mannie

    I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do.

    Since when do cyclists obey any traffic laws?

    • Dinah Kanser

      Most ALL Bicyclists don’t obey even the most basic rules of the road like: stopping for stop signs, riding single file, honoring speed limits, signaling turns… etc.
      Bike riders pay no specific road tax , don’t have insurance or in most cases aren’t required to have license plates or licenses. Yet they have equal rights and access to our roads. Hmmm.

    • Bill Duke

      Since when do auto drivers obey any traffic laws? Almost 33,000 dead from auto crashes last yearalone. Come back when you learn to think rationally

      • captain pickles

        Dead on Tinkerbar !!

      • steamboat

        So you’re rationalizing it’s okay for bicyclers to break the law because there are auto drivers breaking laws. Boy that’s rational ! That sounds like an arguement my 9 year old would make. “But Billy stole some cookies too.”

      • Mannie

        Almost all the time. I don’t see autos routinely running stop signs and red lights, riding on the sidewalk whent they want, and on the street when they want,. I don’t see cars routinely running the wrong way through traffic or against one way streets.

        Cyclists are arrogant and dangerous.

        They should ride like they do in Europe. That is, stay out of the way or get flattened. The problem is, those spokes tend to puncture one’s tires.

      • Tinker Bar

        Don’t be ridiculous. Many times more motor vehicle miles are driven than bicycle miles every year. Using that as an comparison is ludicrous.

        Bicyclist ignore red lights, stop signs, traffic flow, single file rules, etc., way more frequently on an individual basis. And I’m not talking about a rolling stop, for example. I’m talking about blatant disregard for everyone else.

        Bikers are slow, not very visible, and both arrogant and aggressive. They shouldn’t even be allowed on the road.

      • Grimoire

        Tinker Bar is too stupid to live.

      • Tom

        Nice try Lance Armstrong. Show me a cyclist who stops at stop signs or doesn’t ride up the gutter to the front of the line at a red light and I’ll show you the one cyclist without entitlement issues.

      • jasperddbgghost

        Come back when you’ve learned not to molest children.

      • Tinker Bar

        @Grimoire, that was an excellent response. I’m impressed by your mad skillz.

      • Dan S

        So the answer to the problem is that cyclists start following traffic laws. Problem solved and no new laws!

      • slim picnic

        It’s funny how personal the cyclo-facists get when you hint at making them accountable. I think they know it’s true. I have yet to see any cyclist obey the laws required of those who use public roads. I’d love to see them enforce minimum speeds where I live.

    • Bob Collins

      I am a cyclist and I obey the laws, however I live in a cycle friendly state: Florida.

      • Tony Moreno

        I live and cycle in Florida too, but I see far too many cyclists run stop signs and blow through red lights. They give us remaining cyclists a bad name.

      • kvn

        In Florida, FDOT recommends you ride in the street if going faster than 8 mph. Riding on a sidewalk at 13+ mph is Moving Violation worth $150. And state law mandates bicycles must be walked in crosswalks.

        Live in Florida and obey all street rules including taking the lane at stop signs/lights.

      • Sylvanie

        I saw a survey, which I’m sure was couenctdd in Darlington, where a huge percentage of people were reported to consider cycling dangerous. I don’t remember the exact fugures, but it was around 90%.What shocked me was the something like 70% considered walking to be dangerous!Can we start a campaign to stop people parking on pavements? A BMW was parked right across the pavement on Stockton Road on Saturday, forcing my wife and I to manoeuvre our 3-year-old on her bike and our 1-year-old in her pushchair over the grass verge and around the back of the car. There are no parking restrictions on the side of Stockton road at that point, so the car could have been parked on the road.

    • JMWinPR

      Amen, the only group that are worse offenders of traffic laws are the police.

    • Akouch

      As someone who rides a bike regalurly, as well as drives a car, I would like to see all bike riders obey traffic laws such as stop signs and traffic lights. This is a huge problem, especially around osu campus.

  • Uppity Prole

    Looks like Boulder PD will be mining a new revenue source.

    • jasperddbgghost

      Rides-a-Ten-Speed-Everywhere Guy is a guy riding a ten speed bicycle. He is interviewed by Tricia Takanawa for Quahog 5 News in “Peter’s Daughter”. He is doing so because he is riding his ten speed even in the heavy rain and flooding, and a little drizzle never hurts anybody. He explains that water feels good on his skin and it’s cool, refreshing and a great way to stay in shape. He works as an accountant which he considers to be not too demanding and also a great way to stay in shape. He likes riding the his bicycle because it’s fun, gives him energy and a great way to stay in shape. The true reason he is riding his ten speed in the rain is because he tries to live his life before his rectal cancer kills him, which he describes as a painful and untreatable process and a great way to stay in shape”.

      • cole


      • Mannie

        I hope he has a shower at work. I once sat next to a rabid cyclist (but otherwise OK guy.). Pheew!

  • David Maxwell

    Keep punching that democrat ticket. What’s next, the dirty underwear law. Of course underwear will be word on the outside to insure compliance. At the beginning of the democrat infestation of California we had less than a dozen agencies, we now have 518. At the beginning of the democrat infestation of California we were the 6th largest economy in the world, we’re now bankrupt. At the beginning of the democrat infestation of California our educational system was number 1 in the nation, we’re now 46th. At the beginning of the democrat infestation of San Francisco Blacks represented 17% of the cities population, and now they’re clinging to 6%. Welcome to the plantation.

    Change you BETTER believe in, or ELSE.

  • mork

    As if we needed more proof that Boulder is a stinky joke of a college town. Everyone there deserves each other and the fascist rules they impose upon each other. I think they should be required to wear a helmet to go to the john.

  • Steve Hulme

    As a year-round cyclist who occasionally drives a car, I can understand the concept of this law. Who hasn’t been startled, or had a near-miss, when a cyclist using facilities designed for pedestrians takes ’em by surprise?

    How does it work now, in Boulder? If a cyclist goes zooming out in front of 30-mph traffic, are they “protected” by the crosswalk law? If so, that must give the mourners at the funeral a HUGE sense of comfort, huh?

    Many laws on the books are there to discourage people from doing some horrendously stupid stuff! (Evidence: the ongoing debate about whether it should be illegal to clicky-click your “smart phone” while driving. Apparently some people think it’s OK, since it’s not against the law.)

    • shempus

      How ’bout the law of natrual selection? Jeeez, more laws aren’t ganna help, except with the relining of libdiotically biased coffers.

      • HandyGandy

        When it comes to traffic the problem is that is that it is usually not the idiot doing something stupid by some innocent bystander.

    • Phil

      Have to say I sort of agree with you here. I have a friend who was broadsided by a bicyclist who was flying through the crosswalk at full bore he hit the rear passenger door. Boulder bicyclists are absolutely obnoxious. I ride all the time in downtown denver but the few times I have gone riding in boulder I find myself dodging D1cks in spandex flying around the city like noone else exists. You abused Boulders already ludacris crosswalk laws and now you get whats coming to ya. Deal with it Boulderites.

  • Snitch-in-Time

    When Boulder PD writes tickets will they request to see a driver’s license thus making drivers license a defacto requirement to ride a bike? The Snitch makes a prediction: This will go evil fast as the City Council’s idiocy spreads and this insane law metastasizes into a host of increasingly byzantine bicycle laws. And of course, the Boulder City Council will score a speaking slot at the next National League of Cities or Colorado Municipal League event and the idiocy will spread like gangrene.

    • Jess

      Elia Perez Posted on Kim thank you! Lupus is not the end of the world. I fight and challenge msyelf daily. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion, but I NEED to squeeze everything I can out of my days! I have always been like that. To my family it is more significant now the cotributions I make to our family. Stay strong Sis!

  • DJ Ruden

    I can tell that nobody that came up with that rule ever rides a bicycle. What a bunch of idiots.

  • zzzz

    Bike are already dangerous to ride around on in cities, so the last thing people need are bikers staring at their speedometer.

  • shempus

    Figures in CO. They’re getting really close to the nanny-state we have here in CA. But even we don’t have that one.

  • Matthew Dunnyveg

    In Boulder there should be exceptions for nonwhite gay cyclists smoking medical marijuana while peddling–assuming they have an Obama sticker on their bikes, of course.

    • Tangair

      Funny…but eerily touching on the Left’s warped sentiments.

    • captain pickles

      LOL – Don’t forget exemptions for transgender vegan pedophile union member cyclists

  • CO_Native

    B.S. “I feel like as a cyclist we just obey the same rules as cars do.” Cyclist think they own the road and sidewalks. When’s the last time you saw a cyclist stop at a stop sign or yield to a pedestrian?

    • Rob

      I do it all the time…

      • steamboat

        Rob: Tell it to the bartender at closing, not to us.

      • Sterling Headset


  • Midge Morton Masters

    This is an example of why government is degenerate and run by mental deficient people that could never get the salary they are paid in the private sector.

    Because no one would hire such a abject moron with such rotten ideas that they want funded by extracting your wealth through taxation. Taxes that are collected with the threat of deadly force if you don not pay.

    • Mannie

      I thought that was a requirement to work in government.

  • Biker Dude

    Now that’s funny!!!


    Maybe there should be an eight and a half mile speed limit?

  • steve

    Cyclists ignore the laws of the road already; what makes anyone think they would obey this one?

  • MJ

    I like the premise of this. Besides all a cyclist would have to do is install a speedometer, which is simply a safety device, and you can’t have too many of those.

    This is an initiative I could easily support.

  • Lance

    Cyclist, need to be treated as cars. Cyclist ride up front of the lane, ride more than single file, etc. Cars are not allowed to do that, and police look the other way.

  • NCT

    As a long time cyclist, I can live with 8mph in crosswalks, as long as motorized vehicles also have to live with it. Long live the repubic of Boulder!

  • Cycopath

    Show me in ANY vehicle code book that a bicycle has to have a speedometer. No such law; in fact most car drivers can’t follow the rules of the road, maybe they should be the ones that are forced to drive 8MPH.

    • Randy Bobandy

      They are usually forced to do so anyway because of these jack-wagons with the P e n 1 s shaped hats impeding the flow of traffic. Take it to a freakin park where it belongs.

  • Roughman

    Cyclists have no business in a cross walk, unless they are WALKING their bicycle… Then, the become PEDESTRIANS!

    • Wiglaf


  • Avoicenmany

    Ok now I hear real stupid!!!
    On my 24speed 8 MPH is crawling, in fact once, while riding safe had a cop, who was a friend pull me over in my town to let me know he could ticket me for speeding as I was over the 25 MPH limit.. But truth be it is the un-watched kiddies that ride in the middle of a street on purpose cause they can. Oh and try to get around some of them, get flipped off and have objects thrown at your car..
    Bugger Colorado is just looking for a quick buck and ignoring the real issues. And really sux as I like bike riding but now have to burn those nasty hydrocarbons to get to a safe place to.. Hypocrite’s All the GOVT..

  • Justin Whatchamacallhim

    I don’t think pedestrians being hit by bikes is a big deal. This is another cash grab. Since when did bikes come with speedometers anyway?

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