BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Boulder police are urging victims of a driver’s license scam to come forward as they search for three more suspects.

The men posed as Department of Motor Vehicles workers and took money from people — many of them illegal immigrants. The imposters got away with thousands of dollars.

The losses total $8,000 stolen from people who were trying to buy Colorado driver’s licenses.

Police issued warrants Friday for Ivan Francisco Sevilla-Morales, 23, and Enrique Pinzon-Garcia, 25. Jocelyn Vega-Arambula, 19, was arrested in May on suspicion of theft, conspiracy and impersonating a public servant.

Police said the suspects promised the victims a driver’s license for $1,000.

“Word of mouth; ‘Hey, if you know anybody who needs a driver’s license, contact so-and-so,’ ” Det. Tom Dowd with Boulder police said.

Once the victims handed over the cash, the IDs never came. The suspects counted on the victims to keep quiet because many were illegal immigrants.

“The immigrant community, where somebody might no have legal status; they’re very reluctant to contact police,” Dowd said.

Police said it’s a scam, like many, that probably sounded too good to be true.

“When it comes to scams, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t go ahead and do it,” Dowd said.

suspects Immigrants Targeted In Suspected License Scam In Boulder

Ivan Francisco Sevilla-Morales, 23, (left) and Enrique Pinzon-Garcia, 25

One of the victims was able to get a picture of the suspects.

“One of the victims was kind of reluctant and took a picture of the suspects using a cell phone camera,” Dowd said.

Police said Sevilla-Morales is also a transsexual who goes by the name of Jessica. Police are also trying to locate a third suspect who goes by the name Eric and Raul.

Boulder police believe there are more victims and they encourage them to come forward. Victims can report the information anonymously.

Comments (3)
  1. A.G. Trespass says:

    You couldn`t write the particulars of this case .. It`s too funny! Two Mexican Tranny`s ripping off illegals! One goes by “Kiki”! The other “Jessica” and other names! I Saw pictures on the Post`s site.

    CBS 4 is too PC to report all the facts.. You mojados` deserve all you get!
    Put the Tranny`s in mens prison.. the B e a n e r s will kill them!

  2. Alice says:

    For the millionth time they are illegals, quit being so cowed and speak the truth.
    And because of that, I’m glad they got a dose of what they give this country every day.

  3. Joe says:

    No not immigrants, but illegal alien service sucking thieves. They knew they were doing wrong from the minute they slithered over here. And they know that in a sanctuary state they can get away with pretty much anything they choose, as law abiding Americans witness daily.

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